5 Note When Taking Care Of Old Dogs

Taking care of old dogs will require great care and some important precautions to ensure the health of your dog. The life of dogs in this world is too short for humans. As dogs begin to mature and grow old, they need more care when they are puppies. Dogs that are 7 years old are considered to be old and from this stage onwards they need special health care to be able to live the rest of their lives in happiness.
Here is a comparison of the human and dog ages of the American Dog Club AKC so you can estimate how old your dog is on a human scale:
The table shows the correlation between human age and dog age

As you can see, dogs of all sizes grow and mature very quickly in the first year while humans take an average of 12 to 15 years. The second year of a dog is equal to the 9-10 year period of a human, and then the aging process slows down a little in the 3rd year except for the giant dogs. By the time dogs were 10 years old, their life time seemed to be 5
6 times that of humans and so the distance increased

How to take care of the old dog's body to be most comfortable
If your dog's body is uncomfortable, it's not just the aging process. Therefore, the first priority of caring for old dogs is that you should visit your dog to see if they have any disease. The earlier a dog is diagnosed, the sooner the dog will be treated and live longer.
Keep old dog weight in moderation. Physical activity helps control arthritis and osteoarthritis as your dog gets older. Underwater training and acupuncture may also be beneficial for dog movement in the later years of life. These are also current methods of caring for old dogs

The most common disease of old dogs is osteoarthritis diseases

There are also a range of supplements that can be added to the dog's diet to maintain healthy tendons, ligaments, joints and cartilage. These include:
Glucosamine sulfate with MSM and eggshell membranes
Omega-3 fats (krill oil)
Super-green foods such as spirulina and astaxanthin
Natural anti-inflammatory formula (from herbs like turmeric powder, proteolytic enzymes and pharmaceuticals)
Anti-inflammatory for old dogs is extremely necessary. You can incorporate natural anti-inflammatory supplements into a low-carb diet for dogs.
Regular dog massage also helps to tone the muscles of the dog and reduce the rate of aging. The massaged muscles will work smoothly, making it easier for dogs to walk. Massages also improve circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage and stiffen joints. Taking care of an old dog is most important in relieving the dog's limbs and muscles, because at this age, arthritis always makes old dogs tired.
If the dog's muscles are too stiff or it hurts, making it difficult for the dog to work, ask your veterinarian for a referral to a rehabilitation specialist

. Physical therapy dogs will greatly improve health and prolong the quality of life.
Going to the spa and massage also helps the dog's body relax.
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Take care of old dogs, do not be afraid to spend money on high quality protein
Old dogs need more protein than their younger counterparts, and the higher the protein quality, the better the care for older dogs. The more easily digestible and assimilable the protein, the higher the moisture content of the food, the easier it is for the aging organs to process.
Pet healthy foods (of all ages) are unprocessed and natural. It is a major factor in making a healthy diet for dogs throughout life. Unprocessed foods are the body's most easily absorbed type and can minimize stress on the body during metabolism.
You should stay away from any commercially available foods that contain a high percentage of carbs

. At this stage, if the dog's food contains too much starch, they will be easily obese.
At any age, protein has always been an extremely important group of dogs.
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Exercise for old dogs daily
At this stage, exercise is considered necessary in caring for old dogs. Puppies still have to exercise daily to maintain good health. This is a very effective anti-aging strategy for dogs. Although older dogs have weaker intensity and level of exercise when they are younger, they still need to walk regularly and participate in age-appropriate physical activities. Here are 3 types of exercise to improve the health of the dog's body:
Passive motion range exercise (PROM) is possible.

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