6 Misconceptions About Dogs

In the myriad of dog breeding experiences, there are ideas that are often only passed down by word of mouth or subjective thought - and those ideas will often have a negative effect on your dog. For example, the concept of motor oil can cure dog scabies, but it is not. Misconceptions lead to false consequences. So be a smart owner to protect your dog from unnecessary harm! And to provide more information for owners, below PetshopSaigon.vn will list a list of 6 common misconceptions common in dog breeding

Garlic can prevent flea bites for dogs
Not sure where this concept comes from, but on the internet there are many ways to make garlic yourself to prevent and treat flea bites for dogs such as using thin garlic or feeding dogs to eliminate fleas. But science has proven garlic toxic to dogs. So dogs can only eat a small amount of garlic
In general, this method is not reliable and can be dangerous to dogs

. You should consult your veterinarian about the prevention and treatment of dog fleas.
You should remove the lick at night because the dog is sleeping at that time
Believe it or not, dogs are not aware of "not touching the wound." Just like humans, dogs often wake up at night. Sometimes dogs only wake up in a few seconds, but there are times when they wake up to go for a snack or a drink. So if you remove the dog's leash, they will lick the wound again and have serious consequences. It is best to follow the veterinarian's recommendation and wear the band until the doctor allows it to be removed, day or night.
You should only untie the dog when you can see the dog

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Dogs only eat grass when they are sick
If some other animals eat grass, they may have Pica syndrome

. Pica is a craving for and chewing of substances of no nutritional value, such as grass, rocks, clay, soil or paper. But if dogs eat grass, that's quite normal. Grass-eating dogs are not a sign of disease. Dogs may eat grass to soothe their upset stomachs or nausea. Or dogs eat grass because they like it. There is another fairly common theory that the herbivores eat dogs because their ancestors (wolves and foxes) ate a lot of plants in the intestines of herbivores. Dog ancestors ate foods we considered odd because during that time only those things were to be eaten.
If your dog eats the grass and they are fine, it's okay

. But if your dog only eats grass, or vomits continuously after eating the grass, you should take him to the vet to find out the true cause of his dog's grazing behavior.
You should take your dog to the vet to check why his dog is eating grass.
Purebred dogs are stronger than crossbreds
Nothing proves that a purebred dog will not get sick or be healthier than any dog breed. In fact, some purebred dogs are more susceptible to certain genetic diseases or syndromes than hybrids such as bulky Boxer dogs, Labrador dogs, etc. But it cannot be said that hybrids will be healthy. stronger than purebred dogs.
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If the dog's nose is wet, they are healthy
Sadly this is not entirely true. Wet dog's noses don't mean they're healthy

. When the dog is sick, their nose may be wet and vice versa, when the dog is healthy their nose will still be dry. You need to rely on the specific symptoms of a health check, such as your dog's eating, activity, and mood, not on a wet or dry nose for conclusions. Some people also check their nose temperature to determine if they are sick. But the only way to accurately measure a dog's temperature is with a rectal thermometer. Dogs have a normal temperature between 38 and 39 degrees Celsius.
A wet nose is not necessarily a healthy puppy, and vice versa.
Let the dog lick the open wound to heal quickly
This is not uncertain but completely false. Never lick dogs into their open wounds

. Dogs use their mouth the same way we use our hands. So dogs will use their mouth if they want to eat something. Letting your dog lick an open wound puts him at risk of serious infection at the site of the wound or internal infection by ingesting substances or toxic substances..

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