7 Species Of Flowers Toxic To Dogs

Most dog owners know that certain foods can be toxic to them, such as chocolate, grapes, garlic onions, etc. But some plants can also be dangerous to dogs - especially. Especially if you have a garden or a lot of trees and flowers.
While growing flowers is a great hobby and even fills your living space with color and life, it's important to know which flowers can poison dog. You may not know it, but some of the common flowers listed below can be toxic to dogs

Depending on the size and behavior of your dog, you might consider keeping the flowers out of reach of the dog or not even planting them. Whatever you decide, make sure your dog doesn't eat, chew or smell for too long around these flowers. Flowers can only harm dogs unless they chew or swallow flowers

There are flowers that can make your dog feel tired or even harm your internal organs

Please take a closer look at the list of flowers considered to be dangerous to dogs below to prevent and protect your dogs from unfortunate cases:
Rhododendron blossoms may be one of your favorite flowers and you may be planning to plant them in your garden. But if you have a puppy, you probably shouldn't grow azaleas. All parts of the rhododendron tree are toxic, but the leaves of this flower are the most toxic. If a dog swallows only a few leaves of azaleas, they may develop mild symptoms of poisoning, such as vomiting, diarrhea, or manifesting more serious conditions such as coma or even death.
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Narcissus flower
Narcissus narcissus is also one of the earliest blooming flowers in the spring. Some people plant daffodils in a pot or in a yard but in the spring, daffodils can grow in quite a lot of places. Previously, on each New Year's Eve, every family in the North had a bowl of daffodils to put on the altar to bring warmth and joy to the family
These bright yellow petals or pure white will definitely delight your dog, but you must not leave your dog near this flower

. All parts of narcissus are poisonous, of which the tuberous flower is unique. Eating only a small piece of flower can make your dog vomit, diarrhea, convulsions, and lower blood pressure.
Understanding the flowers that are toxic to your dog will help you pay more attention in growing flowers with your pet.
Surely everyone will be amazed at the splendid beauty of tulips - the national flower of the Netherlands. Unfortunately, tulips are more poisonous to dogs than we thought. If the tulips are out of reach of dogs, the dogs will be safe and if not, the flowers will cause minor poisoning. Not as life-threatening as azaleas and daffodils, but eating a few tulips can irritate your dog's mouth, drooling and nausea.
Hoa Tien hybrid guests
Hyacinths are a popular flower that everyone knows

. But few people know that in hybrids containing terpenoids can poison the dog. The toxins in the flower fairy will cause a burning sensation in the dog's mouth, causing them to have diarrhea, cause heart abnormalities, convulsions and even death.
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Unfortunately, lilies can also be dangerous for dogs. If a dog swallows only a few lilies, they can die. Therefore, dogs are required to stay away from this flower.
Lilies can harm your dog's digestive system.
Lan Hue is a beautiful flower widely used during the Christian Easter. However, you should not leave dogs near this flower

. The toxin in lily pads can cause vomiting, drooling, anorexia, tremor and even depression.
Yellow butterflies
This is the last flower on the list but its toxin is no less competitive. These beautiful yellow buttercup with soft petals are very toxic to dogs. Dogs that ingest this flower may suffer serious digestive damage or dermatitis.
Dogs and flowers are extremely cute combination. But sometimes plants and animals find it hard to get along. What's more, unlike humans who only look at flowers, the dog is so naughty that you eat these plant friends. This is especially dangerous if the flowers are toxic

. The toxin in these beautiful and colorful flowers can cause a dog to be poisoned on many levels: from mild as vomiting, diarrhea to severe as damage to the digestive system or even death. So, if you have both a dog and a flower, you should plant the flowers that are benign for dogs and keep them away from these 7 flowers.
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