7 Tips To Help New Dogs To Adapt To Their Habitat

Newly arrived dogs always feel insecure and often timid. When determining that you are about to raise a new puppy, you will be extremely happy and excited to prepare everything: from dog supplies, dog food, to renovating and rearranging furniture, etc. There are many things to prepare, but you will be very happy to start a new life with your pet.
But imagine this from a puppy's perspective, you will have a different thought. Puppies are separated from the only people close to them, their mothers, their brothers, sisters, and their whole family

. This scares the puppies, which is why they sit still, their eyes are sad or even sobbing when you bring them home.
This proves that dogs are very affectionate with their loved ones. While starting out in a strange place can be difficult at first, you're the only one with your pet
Fortunately, there are some tips you can follow to help your puppy adjust to his new life

Perhaps initially you will take the puppy into the house, let them explore the world and immediately contact their new family. But do not be in a hurry, let the puppy contact the new environment slowly. Here, PetshopSaigon.vn will summarize some good tips to help you make new dogs home adapt quickly to a new environment.
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Choose a spot for the dog to defecate
Start by taking your dog outside the house, to the area where you want him to go to the toilet. If your dog goes to the bathroom automatically, "order" her to "go to the toilet" or any order she can understand that she needs to go to the bathroom and remember to praise her for doing what she loves. bridge
Once you have used a command, do not change it to another command because the dog is familiar with the command

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Finding a place to go to the toilet for your dog is very important when you bring your baby home.
Introduce a new dog home to a new home
Many people mistakenly think that they just need to release the dog to explore the house at their will, but this will make the dog's feelings chaotic. Having so many new places, new scents, and new creatures all at once confuses dogs. Instead, only let the dog explore a certain area. It could be where you put your dog's food and water, or a small space where there is a warm bed for them. Let your new home dog familiarize itself with the place to eat and sleep before continuing to explore other areas of the house. You can then introduce the rest of the house to the puppy, introducing one room at a time, and skip the rooms you think are unnecessary.
Introduce the new dog home to the other members
It is best to introduce each person to the dog one by one, even though everyone wants to see their pet right away

. But try to make arrangements so that puppies can meet people slowly. See also: 10 ways to help new dogs get acquainted with the old
You should also make contact with and get acquainted with other family members.
Buy dog chew toys
If the new dog is home, the puppies can chew everything because they are in the period of teething. Buy the right dog toys and if the dog begins to chew miscellaneous items, take the dog chew toy or take the dog to the place where the toy is.
Only a sleeping place for dogs to go home
Like babies, puppies need a lot of sleep. They need 15 to 20 hours of sleep each day. But since puppies are very sleepy, take them to their cages or beds when they are about to fall asleep. Contrary to what you might be thinking, the kennel is not a dog's prison

. Dogs like the safety and the safety of the stable will make the dog more secure.
Watch your new dog closely
You should supervise the dog or at least be in sight for the first time when he gets home. You are free to move the dog from room to room, from the house to the outdoors - as long as you can watch the dog to avoid the unfortunate risks that may occur.
In the beginning, dogs can go around to learn, so you need to keep an eye on your baby often.
Start enforcing the rules
Although you may think it's still too early, dogs need to learn family rules from the moment they first enter the house. When dogs follow family rules, they will adjust to better behavior and live happier lives. The rules you give to your dog can be: do not go to the toilet indiscriminately, do not chew miscellaneous items, .

Give your dog compliments and rewards when he does exactly what he asks. Besides, if your dog makes a mistake, be gentle with them. If you scold or punish a dog, the dog will only be more scared and confused and not able to correct the mistakes it makes. Remember that puppies are just beginning to explore new lives so they are not very experienced and still confused. Praising good deeds v.

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