Tips On How To Teach Dogs Not To Bark At The Owner Should Know

How to teach dogs not to bark? Let's find out a list of 5 ways to teach dogs not to bark, help you manage your pet. These methods have been applied by many owners quite effectively, but you need to be persistent to be able to achieve the desired results.
If your dog has been accustomed to barking for a long time and often, it will take more time to change its behavior.
Usually, if your dog is barking, you should not yell at him, because this is not a good way to stop barking. Try to be consistent, persistent and have the whole family's consensus to train your dog to have good habits

How to teach dogs not to bark: Step 1 - Eliminate the cause of barking
>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT DOGS <<< Dog breath smell is what disease? How to brush your dog properly? Signs to identify dogs replacing teeth Handbook for rabies in dogs It is important to find out what causes the dog to bark, thereby eliminating the cause. In some cases, your dog will receive some rewards when they bark. Otherwise, the baby will not bark
So, you need to find out what your dog will get from biting, thereby eliminating and not giving them a chance to continue with the biting behavior

Example: Barks at a passerby.
If a friend of a person or an animal passes by in the living room window, manage his or her barking behavior by closing the curtains, or keeping your dog away from the window position.
Barking on the road while crossing the yard. Bring it inside, don't leave your dog outside unattended day and night.
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How to teach dogs not to bark: Step 2 - Ignore them
Ignore barking, this is a good way to teach dogs not to bark. This means you won't pay attention or care about it barking. Your attention is like encouragement, the reward for it is noisy

Don't talk to your baby, don't touch and not even look

. Finally, after it has stopped, reward your dog.
Dogs bark often because they want to attract attention. In that case, neglect is effective.
To succeed with this method, you need to wait for the dog to stop barking. If your dog barks for too long, an hour makes you feel frustrated, yelled at, then the next time your dog will probably bark longer. Because the dog learns that the longer it barks, the more attention it will attract.
Example: Barking when restricted
When you place your dog in his home or in a room with a gate, turn around and ignore it.
Once the dog stops barking, come back and give him a little treat

Keep your dog happy by changing the length each time. A reward time for your puppy can be applied. For example at first it may be every 5 minutes, then increase to 15 minutes 1 bonus, then it can be longer than 30 minutes 1 reward if the dog does not bark.
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How to teach dogs not to bark: Step 3 - Familiarize yourself with foreign objects
If your dog barks regularly around him. Get them used to these things. For example, if your dog often barks when he sees a water bottle. Try to make your baby familiar with the water bottle by placing it far out of sight. Then slowly bring it back, if the dog doesn't bark, treat him with a snack

Keep bringing things closer, and if your baby still doesn't bark, keep rewarding them. This is a way for children not to bark when they see foreign objects, because they know that if they don't bark, they will be rewarded.
Train your dog to get used to strange objects so they don't bark.
Example: Barking strange dogs
Have a friend with a dog standing out of sight or far enough away so your dog doesn't bark at that strange dog.
When your friend and her dog show up, start giving your dog lots of biscuits.
Stop feeding the reward cake as soon as your friend and her dog disappear from sight.
Repeat the process several times
Remember not to try this too quickly as it may take a few days or weeks before your dog gets used to this.
How to teach dogs not to bark: Step 4 - Create signals
The first step in teaching a dog not to bark is to teach dogs how to bark at orders

. Give your dog a "say" command, wait for him to bark two or three times, then reward the child with a snack.
When the dog stops barking to sniff the dish, compliment and continue feeding the food in the following training sessions. Repeat until the dog follows the instructions you give.
Training on barking dogs also helps reduce the chances of dogs barking.
Once your dog has become accustomed to the "say" command, teach the "silent" command. In an environment where there is not much influence or influence, tell your dog to "talk".
When it starts barking, say "shut up" and give the snack as a reward. Keep praising your puppy for being quiet, and rewarding him with more biscuits

Example: Someone is at the door
When the doorbell rings, your dog alerts you to the presence of an "intruder.

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