Tips To Clean And Deodorize Cat Toilet

A cat toilet is essential to make your life and pets more easy and comfortable. Not only toilets provide comfort for cats (especially those living in the home) to handle sadness. But this also makes your life more convenient, clean, and airy. So how to make a toilet for cats how effective? How to care, clean and deodorize to keep this place clean? Find out through this article together.
Choosing to buy a cat toilet?
How to choose a good toilet for cats
Choose the toilet style
Typically, the market will popularize the type of toilet for cats in the form of rectangular trays and toilets for cats

. So which one should we choose for cats?
You need to base on the pet's preferences, personalities, economic conditions and current cat breeding status to balance accordingly.
Just like humans, each cat will have different hobbies, personalities, and fears. There are children who will like the airy space
There are also cats who are afraid of narrow, dark spaces, which have only one exit because they are feeling danger

. At that time, lavatories for cats without a lid seemed to fit better. As for the cats do not react negatively to space. A lavatory to the cat also has certain advantages. They bring a sense of privacy to cats. When going to the toilet will not worry people disturb. When the lid is closed, sanding the cat will not cause the sand to splash out. At the same time, can also partly prevent the smell of baby waste

If you have a cat as a child, he or she may not have too many outstanding personality traits and can teach

. The selection of toilets is no longer so important. You just need to focus on teaching your baby to use the toilet for cats. At that time, you should consider your own economic conditions, choose the product that suits your budget.
Cat's "Toilet" comes in a variety of shapes and designs.
Toilet size
When in the toilet, cats often have a habit of digging the sand to cover their waste. Therefore, it is important to choose the right size of cat toilet. You should choose a suitable box, preferably 1-2 times the size of the cat. Ideally, the length, width, and height will be 1

.5 times the size of a cat's body. Minimum of 49x38cm. This makes it possible for cats to move around the barrel, spinning, sanding freely, freely, without being confined. Thus, the toilet baby will have more comfort.
Buy a toilet for cats where?
Cat restroom is an essential item when raising pets that everyone needs to own. Therefore, toilets can be purchased at pet stores. Even at, you can easily find many models of litter boxes for cats are diverse and rich in materials and colors

. The high quality products are imported genuine, ensuring durability and efficiency. With a team of dedicated consultants also regular promotions policy. You absolutely can safely choose for yourself a product like that with the most economical cost.
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Notes about cat toilet you need to know
How to choose sanitary sand
Cat is an indispensable component when you make a toilet for cats. Today, as the world becomes more and more modern, sanitary sand was invented as a savior. The main use of sand is to help deodorize waste, clumping waste. As a result, it is extremely helpful in helping the owner easily clean up his waste. At the same time bring living space with pets clean, tidy, tidy and more comfortable

The most common cat cleaning sand is sandy clay.
Sanitary sand currently has many types with many different uses. The two most typical sand types are clay sand and glass sand for cat toilet. Clay sand is relatively low cost, suitable for the pocket of the "sen". Easily found at any pet store. Clotted clay sand is the most commonly used type. Because of its high odor, quick clumping, it makes it easier to clean urine and cat feces. Glass sand for cats is the latest sand product recently developed

. With silicate crystal particles similar to those in desiccant bags. Advantage of quick suction, bring freshness to the space. Seeds do not cling to cat's toenails and fur. Keep your baby's body hygiene clean after using the toilet. However, because of the superiority in dehumidification, glass sand for cat toilets is relatively high price. Therefore, you should consider economic conditions to have the best investment for your pet.
Meanwhile, glass sand for cats is of higher quality with good deodorizing ability.
How to sand litter for cats
Sand linings are an important step to perfecting the toilet

. You should weigh.

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