Top 10 Dog Breeds In Small Houses, Suitable Apartments In Vietnam

Which small indoor dog breed is suitable for Vietnamese people? If you want to keep a dog but the indoor space is limited, that's quite a concern. But do not worry because there are some dog breeds in a small house such as apartments, apartments are very suitable in Vietnam. These dogs are often quite quiet. Some owners say these dogs are lazy, but they are actually just the type of dog who prefers to sleep rather than wander.
In general, it is important to choose a dog breed that suits your lifestyle

. A dog that is too big and energetic will bite around, dig, and defecate indiscriminately on your carpets. Therefore, consider the indoor dog breeds listed below because they are extremely suitable for keeping in small spaces.
French Bull
The French Bull is highly adaptable, smart and loves to play
They just need to go out for a walk or go to the toilet

. The French Bull is a great indoor dog for those who don't have a yard. They will quickly become your close friends. The French Bull can play with you while sitting quietly in the chair while you are working or watching a movie.
Bull dog
The Bull is a great indoor dog, especially those who live in apartments or luxury apartments. Bulls are average in size, move slowly and quite well with life just around the house. However, the high temperatures make them uncomfortable so make sure your living area is air conditioned when it is hot outside.
Bull dogs are raised quite a lot in Vietnam

Te Yorkshire terrier
Te Yorkshire terrier has the largest size no more than 20cm and they do not weigh more than 3kg

. They are really small friends so they don't need too much space. In addition, their hypoallergenic coat is the reason they are easy to keep, especially in apartments. One drawback of this dog is that they bark as aggressively as guard dogs - but if trained, this weakness will improve. See also: Top 10 dog breeds that do not cause allergies to humans
Dachshund (Chinese sausage)
Dachshunds are domesticated dogs that have a sausage-like body (or sausage) and they really don't need too much physical activity. They do not need long distance running, swimming or jumping. Therefore, Dachshund dogs are extremely suitable for breeding in small spaces where physical activity is limited.
Sausage dogs are quite easy to raise because they are sedentary and do not bark much. So you can raise in small environments or in apartments and apartments

Schnauzer zoomed out
Because of its small size, miniature Schnauzer is suitable for feeding in apartments. Miniature Schnauzer is the smallest of the three Schnauzer sizes. They are less shed, easygoing and extremely intelligent. They are great guard dogs for you and your family.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
This domesticated dog is quite calm and flexible in all living conditions. Depending on the person and their lifestyle, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can adapt to going out much or staying indoors all day. Regardless of the daily pace of your life, trust that this dog will be a faithful companion.
Shih Tzu
Due to its lineage from the regal lineage, this breed is very suitable for raising in luxury apartments

. Although they were originally bred to live in the Chinese palace, Shih Tzu doesn't need much space to roam. They prefer to wrap around humans and be cuddled by humans. Shih Tzu is also very friendly with children and is an indoor dog suitable for large families.
This famous Chinese dog is small in stature so it can be kept in tight spaces.
Boston terrier
Because of their compact size of no more than 11kg, urban apartments are a great place for Boston terrier to live. They are very energetic and like to walk around dog parks. Boston is a domestic dog that is friendly to people and the world around them.
Miniature Pinscher
The squirrel is an indoor dog with looks like extremely cute ruffled balls

. They are very brave, happy and confident - especially they may not be aware of their small appearance. However, with this small size, many people love to keep Phoc squirrels in their confined spaces. Relieving a lot of energy but they do not need too much space to release. So Phoc squirrel is suitable for living in a city or a suburb. See also: What does a shocking and nutritious eating Poodle?
Shocks are very easy to raise because they do not eat a lot and very wrap the owner.
This fancy coat of Cuban origin is the very active dog. However, they still adapt well to life in the apartment, which is surrounded by elevators and corridors. Havanese can be happy anywhere and with anyone, young or old, as long as they are cared for

A lot of people like dogs but not everyone owns a digital space.

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