Top 10 Dog Supplies, New Owners Need To Buy

Dog supplies are basically the things that everyone has to own. Before raising any type of dog, you need to have some things needed to support their overall development. If this is the first time you have a puppy, this might be a great article! Here will summarize 10 dog supplies needed, so when raising puppies you do not have to worry and worry.
Leashes, collars for dogs and name tags
Whether or not you adopt a new puppy, leashes and collars are still the dog supplies needed to control them

. Perhaps the dog may not be familiar with you at first and will hide away, so leashes and collars will be a very effective dog item to keep them in. These two items will also make the walk safer and easier. Leashes are also used to ensure the safety of your household and your dog
Due to the curious nature, the dog will become naughty and make a series of battlefields for you to clean

. So chaining them in a certain space will be able to initially control their behavior.
Name tags are also essential for dog use and should be purchased as soon as you choose a name for your pet. Puppies are easily escaped, lost or even forgotten by the owner, so the name tag is a dog item that helps people who find the dog can contact the owner and return it to you. Name tags come in a variety of designs, so choose one that suits your pet's personality and personality.
Collars and leashes are indispensable items when you start raising dogs.
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Kennel / Dog Kennel
Whether or not you want to use a kennel, a kennel is a mandatory dog food to keep them safe. The dog's crib should not only be suitable for the dog's size but also spacious enough for the dog to feel comfortable

Cages are important dog supplies because they make it easier to take care of your dog

. Think about it, it's a lot easier to clean up dog waste in one place than to let them go to the bathroom indiscriminately!
You should choose to buy the type of stable, powder coated and sure.
Utensils for dog hygiene trays
There are many dog tools, but one of them is the toilet tray. Having a dog is fun but also a headache, especially when it comes to hygiene. You should always keep an eye on your dog to watch for signs of them such as sniffing, walking in circles or sneaking into corners. Within a few days, if you observe carefully, you will know which signs indicate that the dog is ready to go to the toilet.
Remember, puppies cannot control their "sadness" like older dogs. So you have to teach your dog where is the right place for them to go to the toilet. You should give your dog some space to go to the toilet there and put trays or sanitary pads on the floor in case the dog still goes indiscriminately

. If you want to let your puppy deal with sadness outside of home, train him as soon as he gets home. It may take a few days to train your dog to go outside, but don't be discouraged.
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Dog's food
You should feed your dog the foods he used to eat before he moved in with you. If you find that your dog's food is not good, you can switch to a new puppy diet. But the transition should be gradual over several days or your puppy will get colic.
First mix 1/4 of new food with 3/4 old food for a few days, then increase to 1/2 and continue to 3/4 of old food compared to new. Keep repeating until the new food is completely replaced. Puppies eat three meals a day so by switching to new foods gradually you will learn how your dog responds to new foods

. If you are choosing between dry and wet foods, talk with your veterinarian to make the best decision.
Food is one thing you need to find out first before deciding to raise a dog.
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Dishes for dog food and drink
You can choose the colored ceramic or stainless steel bowls to make dog food because these designs are quite nice. In addition, if you like plastic, then you can choose the types of cups made of special Melamine resin, which have a long life and do not stick to the smell, to be a dog tool.
Dog toys
Like newborn babies, puppies' milk teeth fall as early as 6 weeks of age. After that, the dog will become itchy and bite everywhere. It is best to hide.

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