Top 10 Largest Cats In The World

What is the biggest cat in the world that surprised us? We all think cats are small and adorable creatures. However, this is quite misleading as there are some breeds of medium-sized cats that are naturally larger than normal cats. Here are interesting facts about the world's largest cats.
Maine Coon (American long-haired cat)
Male cats: 6.8kg to 11

Female cats: 3.6kg to 5.4kg
Maine Coon is considered one of the largest cats in the world today
This cat has the ability to adapt well to a number of lifestyles and personalities

. Maine Coon likes to spend time with humans and tends to "where the owner goes - cats go there".
By using its huge paws, no rodent can counter this cat. The Maine Coon also likes to have fun and they often play with small toys, with wrinkled balls or pieces of paper. Maine Coons can climb like any other small cat, but most prefer to stay on the ground.
This breed is a great choice for families with children. Maine Coon is also very dog friendly. The most interesting part about the Maine Coon is that the feathers are very colorful and the texture of the feathers is unique
Moreover, you will spend less money grooming them

. For example, you only need to trim your nails every few weeks and brush your teeth every week.
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Ragdoll Cats
Male cats: 5.4kg to 9kg
Female cats: 3.6kg to 6.8kg
Do you want to keep a good and calm cat? If so, Ragdoll is a great friend. Ragdoll is the largest cat in the world, but loves his owner. They prefer to go to the door to greet the owner or follow the owner around the house. Ragdoll live for 15 years or more

This cat looks calm but still likes to have fun. They like to play with toys and can participate in family activities. In addition, the breed is also very smart, making it very easy to train. Ragdolls can remind owners to feed them gently. Due to their pleasant temperament, they are easy to live everywhere.
Ragdoll needs to trim his nails and clean his ears weekly. They also live extremely friendly with dogs and other cats.
Ragamuffin cat
Male cats: 6

.8kg to 9kg
Female cats: 4.5kg to 6.8kg
This is a docile and quiet cat so they are often carried like a baby even though they are one of the largest cats in the world. Ragamuffin is extremely friendly and is able to learn tricks, have fun, catch things and go on leashes. If you don't like spending time with your cat, it's best not to have this cat as it requires a lot of attention.
Ragamuffin has a long, soft, and unkempt coat. You can groom them weekly to remove dead hair. You also have to brush your cat's weekly teeth to prevent periodontal disease

. Clean their litter boxes regularly as these cats are very clean. In addition, they have a lifespan of up to 18 years!
This calm, docile cat is an ideal choice for pets. They are also friendly with other pets like dogs, lizards, rodents and other cats.
Norwegian wild cat
Male cats: 5.4kg to 7.5kg
Female cats: 3.5kg to 4kg
The Norwegian wild cat is the largest breed of cat in the world with good health. Despite their bulky bodies, they are still very affectionate with humans, especially working hard to interact with their owners

. So Norwegian Forest cats are loved so much. The fact that they are quite sensitive about territorial issues, so leaving them in a separate room will make them happier. Norwegian Forest Cats love to hide, chase and ambush their toys.
This cat has a lot of fur so you need to brush it daily so it doesn't have knots and tangles. Fortunately, this cat likes to be groomed! Because of this long coat, the Norwegian Forest Cat looks bigger.
American tail cat
Male cats: 5.4kg to 7.3kg
Female cats: 3,2kg to 5kg
Do you want to keep a cat with a special natural appearance? The American penguin is the result of a natural mutation and is also one of the largest cats in the world

. They have an extremely special tail that is only 2.54cm to 10.16cm long. However, their tails are extremely flexible and are still long enough to see when they stand up.
Because of this special beauty, American tail cats are easily stolen. The size and energy of this cat is much more than you imagine. This cat is very intelligent and likes to catch things, play puzzles and learn new tricks. They have a very special way of communicating: clicking and biting their tongue, then whining and meowing

This cat is adaptable to many different lifestyles, from noisy to quiet. They are also happy to live with other pets like cats or cat-friendly dogs. Due to their pleasant and sociable personality.

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