Top 10 Mysteries Of Cats And Dogs Will Make You Curious

Whether a dog is a man's best friend or a cat is a confusing creature, humans don't need to know everything about these four-legged friends. The truth is that no matter how close we are to our pets, there are secrets about pets that people don't know are true or false.
You can communicate with your pet in your own way, but sometimes you can look into your eyes and see that you don't really understand them. If you're scratching your head, don't know if your dog can see the color, or you're wondering why cats sniff at the ventilation hole all the time, don't worry. Below, PetshopSaigon

.vn will give answers and explanations for some of the concepts and legends that make cat and dog owners have a headache for many years.
Do dogs have color blindness?
This is a very classic question. Experienced dog owners think that the answer to this question may be a bit complicated
The answer is no - dogs are not completely color blind

. Dogs can see colors, but colors that can be softer or darker than humans often see. According to Psychology Today, we humans can see and clearly distinguish colors in the rainbow in the following order:
But when dogs look at the rainbow, the order of colors they see is:
Dark blue
Light blue
Light yellow
Dark yellow / brown
Dark gray
Therefore, dogs are not completely color blind, but they are only color blind.
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Do cats have nine lives?
The quick and accurate answer is: no. Cats also have a life like any other animal. However, due to the quiet but refined lifestyle and the natural healthy breed, cats can live very long and especially survive in dangerous situations. Therefore, cats became famous with the nickname "9 networks". Cats can live for a very long time, although their contemporaries may have left early

Do cats always land on their feet?
This question is as common as the one right above and the researchers have proved this to be true

. That's because the cat's grounding skill is so special because their bodies have a natural balance system called a "balanced reflex". This reflex gives them an impressive ability to reorient themselves when dropped from above.
This means that the cat is very agile and always lands on its feet (with greater frequency than both dogs and humans). Cats can also land when they fall in uncomfortable or even dangerous positions.
Foot landing is the natural instinct for cats.
Should a large dog be kept at home?
This is a fairly common belief that can prevent many people from keeping their favorite breeds, especially large dogs like the Labrador Retriever or the Golden Retriever. However, this concept is almost completely wrong.
Surely there will be grumpy landlords somewhere out there who don't want to let others rent their house just because their pet size is too big

. But generally, if an apartment allows pets, the size of the pet will not be too important. Usually, owners may have to deposit or pay for their pets - this makes perfect sense if the pet is causing any damage. But the good news is that these payments are usually returned if your dog is docile. So, no matter how big or small your pet is, you can still rent a normal and no-cost pet shop if your pet is docile and well-trained.
Can a pet be allergic to pets?
The answer is yes. A lot of people with pet allergies keep raising them normally. If you are allergic to mild pets, you can control this condition with over-the-counter medications and even more natural therapies such as using CBD oil or other essential oils.
In addition to treating allergy symptoms, there are many hypoallergenic dogs and cats for you to keep

. For example, Basenji or Affenpincher are dog breeds suitable for people who are allergic to dogs. People with a cat allergy can breed cats like Cornish Rex or Balinese. See also: Top 10 dog breeds that do not cause allergies to humans
There are dog breeds that are hypoallergenic, suitable for owners with dog hair allergies.
Why do cats like to sniff the air-con vents?
Cats love to smell everything - including ventilation holes. The reason cats smell air vents may be because they smell the following:
The smell of mold
The smell of rotting garbage
The smell of sewage from the vent pipe was broken
Traces of secondhand smoke
The smell of leaking gas
Unusual mechanical problems occur inside the air conditioner
The smell of water.

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