Top 11 Ways To Help Cats Reduce Boredom In The House

Keeping your cat indoors will minimize the chance of their injury such as being hit by a car, attacked by other cats or other animals, etc. out bored. The boredom can make cats go to the bathroom indiscriminately, become aggressive, depressed, apathetic, increase or decrease their appetite and sleep more.
Review your cat's habitat. Is your home an ideal place for cats to live? Are your cats allowed to make, play and watch many interesting things? If not, you need to make your cat less bored by stimulating important factors in their environment

. This means that your home needs sunny windows to look out, the house has suitable places for cats to climb and lots of toys and other interesting things. Cats need to climb, scratch, play to make their lives more abundant. Therefore, a lively and interesting living environment plays a very important role in the life of a happy cat

After reviewing your cat's habitat, some may wonder what to do to make his life more enjoyable

. So in this article, will give some useful tips for you.
Direct your cat's view of the window
Install a bed by the window to let your cat see the outside world. This is a great way to stimulate their habitat. Cat beds have many types and are available on the market. In addition, you can place the cat tree near the window so that the cat can see the outside world.
Cats like to watch things from above, so windows are a great way to keep your cat from getting bored

Create a lively space for cats
Let your cat see places full of plants and animals

. So install a bed hanging near the window so cats can relax and enjoy the view.
Buy scratching posts for cats
Cats use scratch posts for many different purposes. One is for nail files, the other is for marking territory. Cats not only mark their territories with scratches on scratch posts but also with their characteristic scent under their paws. Even a ferocious cat uses a scratch pole. Cat scratching is an instinctive behavior for cats. Make sure the scratching pole is long enough for the cat to stretch out its elastic body.
Create a cat hideout
Cats like places where they feel safe - maybe fun to call them their hiding places

. Your cat's hideout may be high or low, but it is usually high and out of sight, such as on the top of a closet or where the cat can look around and evaluate things. potential danger. Cats will also perform this behavior if they live in a natural environment. A cat's hiding place could be a paper bag or cardboard box.
Choose the right toys for cats
Different cats will like different types of toys. If you don't know what your cat likes to play, buy a variety of toys and observe their behavior.
Cats will enjoy playing toys that are sound or mobile.
Buy lots of toys for cats
Cats can throw their toys around so there are times when they have nothing to play with

. So once you know what your cat likes, buy lots of them.
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Change toys often
Cats will get bored quickly so you can exchange toys for them often. The trick to changing toys is when they are bored with any toy, hide it and then allow them to play it again.
Buy some cat grass
Occasionally buy cat grass for your furry friend to stimulate them physically and mentally. In addition, you can also put cat grass in old toys to make cats more interesting when you exchange toys for them.
Cat grass will help your cat relax and not get bored.
Schedule a trip with the cat
Schedule your schedule so you can have fun with cats every two days. You can play catch ball, laser projection or let the cat play with the fishing rods

. Take at least 10 minutes to play with cats every day, even when you are watching TV.
For cats a lot of attention
Most cats prefer to be cared for by their owners and spend time with them. Cuddle your cat in your arms even when you are relaxing or resting.
Cats are like dogs, if you spend a lot of time caring and caring, they will follow you for a lifetime.
Give your cat access to sunlight
Cats love the sun very much. Take a look around your home to see which windows are the sunniest and have a cat bed hanging there. If the window is closed or covered by a curtain, pull the curtain open and open the window to allow the cat to soak in the sun.
Depressed cats will sleep more or have more health or behavioral problems

. So enrich your cat's habitat so that she is always happy.
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