Top 16 Questions You Should Ask When Meeting A Dog Or Cat Seller

If you are going to adopt a dog or a cat, it is better to buy the dog from the breeding farm. There are cat and dog breeders also known as cat and dog breeders for economic purposes and to provide information and advice to people who buy dogs and cats. Sometimes choosing a reputable dog or cat breeder to buy a pet will be very difficult. However, in order for your pet to have a healthy and happy life, you will need to get more information from these people. Below is a list of some questions that dog breeders often encounter and they can be very helpful to you

Has the pet's parents been certified health?
There are a number of cats and dogs susceptible to genetic diseases such as heart disease, so dog breeders will have to examine and assess their health to filter out certified and healthy dogs and cats. sick. Learn about the breed of dog or cat that you are planning to buy to see if they are susceptible to serious genetic diseases or not

What is the size of a pet's parents?
Knowing the size of a dog's parents will help you figure out what your cat and dog will grow up to later

. And consider that pet size is what you want.
You should choose a cat dog breed suitable for the space of yourself and your family.
Can I see father and mother?
If possible, see your pet's parents. What is a general assessment of their parents' health and personality, such as shy, aggressive or adaptable pet parents?
Have dogs and cats been socialized?
Find out if the puppy or cat you are buying has been exposed to other dogs or humans. For puppies, puppies aged 6 to 16 weeks should be socialized to shape their character and develop themselves. If dogs are properly socialized, they will have positive experiences with other dogs and people of different ages and sizes.
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Has the pet been vaccinated?
Vaccination for puppies is mandatory and extremely important
Find out how many doses of vaccine the puppy you are about to buy has arrived and when it will need to be vaccinated

You need to ask carefully about the schedule and type of vaccine for dogs and cats.
Have dogs and cats been treated with deworming medicine?
No dog or cat is born without one or two parasitic worms in the body. So, puppies need to be dewormed and see if the pet you are going to buy has been dewormed. See also: How often should deworming for puppies 1 time?
Are any dog or cat siblings sick?
If yes, what symptoms do they have? How were they diagnosed and treated?
How many times has the pet visited the veterinarian?
Has the puppy been given a physical exam to get a health certificate? If not, what are the puppies? Has that condition been treated yet?
What are the responsibilities of a dog or cat breeder?
How does the cat dog breeder that you are choosing to buy dogs ensure their responsibility to the dog you are buying? If pets suffer serious illnesses, what will cat and dog breeders do to offset this loss? This is a difficult question, but you still need to know the answer to ensure all the benefits for your dog.
You should choose a responsible breeder and understand your pet.
Do breeders keep in touch with previous customers?
If yes, ask for information to get in touch with customers of recent cat and dog breeders. Ask them what their pet's situation is like, what is the serious problem and how to deal with it.
Do breeders require contracts when buying and selling dogs?
If yes, which contracting parties are needed? And ask if you can get cats and dogs back to the breeder if you can no longer keep them?
Do dogs and cats need sterilization when they reach a certain age?
If your dog needs a sterilization, you don't need to worry too much because this is a very normal thing for dogs

. But it is still best to have more knowledge about your dog's reproductive health.
What is a genealogy of a pet?
Ask your cat or dog breeder information about your pet's pedigree. For example, ask what most of the dogs in this breed live to age and die for some reason. Remember and save this information to control and monitor your dog's health as they get older.
What do cats and dogs first feed?
No matter what your cat or cat dog owner eats, you need to feed the dog food on the first days of your dog's home. You can then gradually change your dog's food to avoid getting them digested.
You need to ask carefully about the dry seeds that people are feeding to buy the right type for your baby.
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