Top 5 Most Common Dog Skin Diseases

Dermatosis in dogs is one of the most common disease groups. Just like humans, dogs easily suffer from skin problems. This is not surprising because the skin is one of the largest and widest organ systems of the body. Skin problems in dogs range from mild to severe.
Five common skin diseases in dogs include atopic dermatitis, PyoTraumatic dermatitis, hair loss, peeling skin, dry / dull hair and scabies

. Let's find out!
Atopic dermatitis
The first skin disease in dogs was atopic dermatitis. Dogs with atopic dermatitis will have seasonal or year-round itchy skin. Atopic dermatitis (possibly genetic) is a common pet problem these days, especially dogs
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Itchy dogs can lead to skin damage, especially if they scratch too much

. Atopic dermatitis is often caused by food allergies or environmental allergies, including pollen, mold, dust mites and insect antigens. A dog's hypersensitivity can also be a cause of dog dermatitis.
Skin disease always makes the dog feel itchy, uncomfortable.
It's important to find out what causes dogs to have atopic dermatitis, whether it's from diet or environmental factors. Many doctors recommend giving dogs with atopic dermatitis a supplement of essential fats like omega-3s in the diet and eliminating sources of inflammatory cereals, genetic modification, unnecessary preservatives, vitamins. synthetic, other toxic substances, .

You can also take safer, natural remedies like immunosuppressant drugs.
PyoTraumatic dermatitis
Hot spots on dog skin are large, stinging, red bumps that the dog often licks, bites, or rubs. The area above and around the hot spot is often very uncomfortable and stinky. The medical term for hot spots is traumatic pyo dermatitis.
Dog scratching, licking or biting into an area of skin until it is irritated and becomes inflamed will create a hot spot. These ulcers are also created by the overgrowth of bacteria that naturally grow on dog skin. Hot spots often occur in dogs with an unbalanced immune system.
Close up of a dog with a skin infection called PyoTraumatic
When the skin is red and rough, it becomes infected, thereby creating a vicious cycle of itching, scratching and further damage to the skin

. Touching the hot spot is painful for the dog. Any dog can have this condition, but dogs with thick fur, dirty or damp skin, allergies, systemic inflammation (including flea allergies) are at risk. higher disease. See also: Flea combs most bought
👉 Summary of parasites in dogs
Some innate hairless dogs, such as the Chinese crested dog, the Xolo hairless dog or the American short-haired terrier. But there are also genetically hairless or patchy dogs on the neck, chest, back, thighs, between the eyes and ears or on the outer ears. These breeds include Chihuahua, Dachshund, Doberman Pinscher, Italian Greyhound and Whippet.
Hair loss is an extremely common disease in dogs.
And there are dogs that shed their hair due to skin conditions such as itchy skin, sores, drug or vaccine reactions, hypothyroidism, Alopecia X (endocrine disorders), Cushing's disease, adrenal gland disease or Addison's disease

The bottom line is that if the dog's hair begins to thin, fall off, or doesn't regrow after being cut, make an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as possible.
Dry, flaky and dull skin
Dry or flaky skin is a very noticeable skin disease in dogs. Usually, the skin is flaky and dry due to one or more factors including bathing, irregular brushing or (rarely) excessive bathing, nutritional deficiency or pathological. If the coat is not brushed regularly, the dog's skin will flake more. This is especially important for dogs with double coat, because those long, thick coats can accumulate and contain a lot of dead skin.
Bathing too much or too little can cause the dog to exfoliate. The principle of bathing the dog is "bathing when the dog needs it". Some dogs rarely need a bath, while those with oily or oily hair should be bathed at least once a week

Choose a gentle, organic shampoo specifically for dogs. You can also use it with conditioner to moisturize your dog's fur and skin.
An unhealthy skin will make the dog's fur not nice and weak.
Dogs lacking the required amount of omega-3 fatty acids will also exfoliate their skin. So whether you're making your own dog food or feeding your dog products that are readily available on the market, make sure they are full of essential fatty acids. Coconut oil or krill oil can be a good source of omega-3s for dogs.
Dogs with flaky skin may also be caused by conditions such as metabolic disorders. Hyperthyroidism and skin infections (caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites) are also causes of flaky dogs

If the dog's skin condition is exacerbated by flaking or its fur is dull, dry, contact your veterinarian for treatment..

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