Top 7 Simple Tips To Reduce Dog Hair Allergies

A dog hair allergy is the condition many people encounter when raising pets. A dog hair allergy not only makes the human body uncomfortable but also makes the relationship between humans and dogs more distant. But do not worry because everything is difficult no matter how there will be a solution. So in this article, gives helpful tips for you to prevent and reduce your allergies

Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to reduce dog hair allergies
To get rid of allergens from pets, you should vacuum the house 2 - 3 times a week. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter - meaning high quality air filter. The design of these filters has the function of retaining microscopic particles so that they do not diffuse in the environment
Most pet vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filters, but you should still check the product label to make sure

Using an air purifier prevents dog allergy
You should invest in buying an air purifier for your home if you have a dog allergy. The air purifier also has HEPA filters that help trap harmful dirt and particles. The air purifier is an extremely useful product for you if you are struggling with a pet allergy.
Pay attention to the hygiene of the bed so that the dog hair does not cause allergies
If you plan to put your dog to bed with you, first see if this will significantly affect your allergies. If not too serious, you are not subjective but remember to clean the blanket at least once a week. Cover pillows and mattresses with dust covers as these can trap allergens and prevent them from falling out.
You should change bed drap once a week if your dog is regularly on the mattress

Clean carpets and floors often if you have a dog allergy
Carpets can be a great refuge for dirt, scales and hair

. So you need to vacuum and wash the carpet regularly. If your floor is paved with good materials like wood, the better because it is very easy to clean and vacuum the wood floor. You can also use carpets made of easy-to-clean materials for washing.
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Pay attention to the curtains if your dog's fur causes you to have a severe allergy
Curtains have many types of beautiful designs, but washing the curtain is not simple. Because some types of curtains are only dry-cleaned, if you need to wash your curtains regularly, it will cost you a lot of money to wash your curtains at the store. So when raising a dog, if you do not clean the fur, it is very easy to be allergic to dog hair. Therefore, consider the curtains made from cotton. You can easily wash these curtains with a washing machine and dry them, rather than having to bring them to the laundromat to clean them

Pay attention to other health issues
If you are using chemicals to wash things, use a mask to not inhale toxic substances.
Do not let mold grow on furniture because mold will make breathing problems worse.
Turn on fans or open bathroom windows to make the bathroom airy, dry and prevent mold.
If you have hay fever, close your windows and invest in an air conditioner.
When you cook, use exhaust fans to keep the air clean.
If your client does not tolerate dog fur, tell him to wear a mask around his dog to avoid being affected by the fur of the pet.
Make cleaning a hobby
Most people think that cleaning is a tiring job. But do not be lazy to clean because cleaning your home regularly will neutralize pet allergens such as dog hair and help you prevent allergies

. A clean home is an ideal living environment for both humans and dogs. If your home is too big but you don't have time to clean it all in a short amount of time, make a list of places to clean up and clean up gradually.
You can clean the kitchen on Monday, clean the living room on Tuesday, clean the bedroom on Wednesday, and so on cleaning up one place each day will help you be less tired and save time. Instead of just wiping the dust alone, use a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner on the vacuum cleaner to clean it. You can also schedule a timer on your phone so you don't forget to clean your house.
Make a habit of cleaning the room at least once a week to get rid of the dog's fur or smell.
If you only have a mild dog hair allergy, there are many ways to make your environment cleaner and more comfortable, thereby reducing dog hair allergy. Establishing a home cleaning routine will minimize the amount of allergens in your environment

. Although the initial cleaning may be hard, but later when you get used to cleaning and cleaning the house regularly, you and your dog will have a very healthy and happy life. But if you clean your house regularly and your allergies don't go away, see your doctor for advice about what you're experiencing.
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