Top 8 Reasons Why Cats Go To The Toilet In The Wrong Place

Do cats go to the toilet in the wrong place, is there any cause behind it? Cats are clean and fastidious animals, so it is not difficult to understand when for some reason they go to the toilet in the wrong place. These reasons will be revealed in this article. In addition, we will provide some solutions for you to improve this situation.
The cats go to the toilet in the wrong place (outside of the litter box) often happens, causing many troubles for owners. It could be a sign of a problem such as health or marker behavior, or the cat is trying to tell you something

Cats go to the toilet in the wrong place, often as a sign of unsuitable and comfortable accommodation.
Cats use urine (or sometimes feces) to communicate - it's a type of message (by urine). This message indicates signs of certain problems
In other cases, the cat may be uncomfortable or show nothing

. Therefore, you must find the root of the problem and solve it.
Penalizing cats for indiscriminate defecation is not a solution to this situation. It only makes the cat more afraid of you, hiding from you and even going to the toilet when you're not around. In fact, punishing cats can make it worse because indiscriminate defecation is often caused by stress. Cats who are stressed and punished by the owner will definitely not get better.
>>> READ MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR TIPS <<< Why do cats cry? How to treat cat poop simple How to care for a newborn kitten Should cats be clipped? Pathology causes cats to defecate in the wrong place When your cat does not go to the toilet in the tray, you should first make an appointment with your veterinarian to check your cat's overall health. One of the diseases that cause cats to defecate in the wrong place is inflammation of the lower urinary tract
Inflammation of the lower urinary tract in cats (FLUTD) is a pathology, a disorder that affects the urinary tract and colon disorders such as irritable bowel disease, which can cause indiscriminate defecation

Symptoms of FLUTD include increased urination, straining to empty the urine and blood in the urine. If your cat shows any signs, seek medical attention immediately. Both males and females are susceptible to this type of dangerous disease, but male cats have a lower incidence.
If your cat goes to the toilet in the wrong place regularly, take him or her to the doctor for a urinary tract test.
When your doctor confirms that a health problem is not the cause of the illness, you should review the life of the cat that has been disturbed. Observe carefully, find out when and where they go to the toilet indiscriminately, at the same time what is happening in your house.
Find out why your cat defecates in the wrong place and knowing that will help you solve a problem. With understanding, perseverance and patience, any difficulty can be overcome

Here are the top 8 reasons why cats go to the toilet in the wrong place with helpful tips:
8 non-pathological reasons why cats may not go to the toilet
Dirty toilet tray
This is a common reason because cats are clean. If you find the tray smells bad, imagine how bad it would be for cats when they have 200 million odor-sensitive cells, compared to 5 million in the human nose. If your cat lifts his nose into the tray and defecates elsewhere, it may be that the tray is not clean enough and has "offended" his extremely sensitive nose.
In nature, there is a reason for such fastidiousness. Predators locate their prey by smell. This is a good reason why cats are very careful in covering their waste - so that larger predators can't locate it. Dirty litter trays can make your cat feel threatened.
The litter box needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly because cats are clean cleaners

Clean the litter box regularly. Scrape dirty sand and solid waste daily or twice daily, replace the sand and wash the tray with warm soapy water weekly if you use clay-based sand. Do not use harsh detergents such as bleach to clean the tray; A cat's sensitive nose can smell and the problem can be more serious.
Some cats are simply more "pompous" than others, so weekly scrubbing is not enough. If so, you can try using glass sand. This sand is less frequently changed and odorless. By cleaning up the waste once or twice a day, no matter how many cats you have, you can make them all satisfied and satisfied, including the most demanding cats.
🔔 How to properly clean litter box for cats?
Cat litter tray
"Feng shui" is very important

. If your cat doesn't like the location of the tray, they won't use it. For example, you put the tray too close to food and drink, they will not use the tray because they do not like to eat and clean in the same place. If the trays are in hard to reach places - for example, in the basement or on the top floor - they won't arrive in time or are too lazy to go.
If your cat encounters annoying or frightening things, such as the sound of the kettle.

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