Top 8 Things To Know About Cats That Surprise You

What you need to know about cats will make you go from interesting to surprising. No matter how long you keep your cat and understand her, there are facts about cats that will make you fall down! Here are 8 ridiculous things, but these are catastrophic facts about cats that you may not know. Let's find out with offline!
Cats can still survive if they fall from a height of 90 meters
One of the things you need to know about cats is their ability to fly. Everyone has seen at least one video of a cat's high acrobatics when it falls from a table, a car, or even a wall

. But you know, a study done in the 1980s revealed that cats can safely land from a height of 90 meters without being injured at all.
That's right, it's 90 meters, you didn't read it wrong!
If you still cannot imagine how tall 90 meters is, remember that the Statue of Liberty is 95 meters high. Which means that a cat can jump down from the top of the statue and walk like nothing has happened

Cats can jump at very high altitudes compared to humans

But cats can even fall from a higher height!
The study also concluded that the longer cats fall, the higher their chances of survival (to a certain extent). Therefore, a cat that falls from a height of 6 meters is more likely to die or be seriously injured than a cat that falls from a height of 18 meters. This is crazy, right?
The reason for this is that cats need time to adjust a precise grounding position in the air. And the fact that the speed of falling will not increase when passing a certain point.
Was this the craziest truth on this list? No, there are still more crazy facts waiting to be discovered!
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Each cat will have a unique nose that resembles a human fingerprint
The nose is also one of the things you need to know about cats. Did you know that your cat's nose is 100% unique? The small and irregular bumps you might see on a cat's nose are completely unique like a human fingerprint. Theoretically, you can identify each cat with a nose print

Therefore, each cat is an extremely special and unique individual

Cat's nose is unique.
Cats may also have lactose intolerance syndrome
One of the things to know about cats is that they may not be lactose intolerant like humans
If a person is lactose intolerant (a type of sugar found mainly in milk), that person has limited ability to digest lactose-containing foods such as yogurt, cheese, milk and quite a lot of dairy products. other.
It turns out cats are more likely to suffer from milk intolerance when they grow up. This means they cannot digest anything that is high in lactose - including milk!
But wait ...
In some movies or advertisements you still see people giving milk to cats to treat

. Why so? The answer is right below:
After the kitten weaned, the number of enzymes responsible for lactose digestion decreased, but the number of enzymes was still small. As a result, cats may consume some dairy products without the typical symptoms of lactose intolerance.
However, if you give your cat too much sugar dairy products, he or she will experience abdominal pain or even long-term health problems. Therefore, all types of milk for cats have been designed to help cats do not have abdominal pain or diarrhea. That is why the party should buy milk exclusively for cats instead of giving them regular cow's milk.
This is something that cat owners may not know. So, to avoid making mistakes, read on for the following facts.
If you give your cat plenty of cow's milk, there is a high risk that he will have diarrhea

Cats have both their left and right paws
Perhaps you are wondering that cats obviously can't write? Cats can't even do complicated things with our paws and our hands, so how could this be true?
This is also one of the things you need to know about cats. Cats often use their paws to interact with their surroundings. For example, cats tend to touch an unknown object to check its surface and condition.
Cats actually prefer to use their left or right foot when doing such things. This hobby is more like people who prefer to work with their left hand or right hand.
One study even found that cats 'preferences for cats' feet are related to sex: females prefer to use their right legs and males prefer to use their left legs.
You can try your house cat with the interesting game below:
When your cat is lying down relaxed on the floor and does not care about everything around, approach the cat with a funny toy and see which cat used its paw to grab the toy first. Most cats will use their feet depending on their gender as mentioned above

Do you believe this? please try.

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