Top Dog Food In The Wild You Should And Should Not Feed

How dog food is varied and safe with the dog is what many people care about, especially dog foods made from our food.
Many dog owners love their pets to the point that they are ready for everything. They take care of the dog, put the dog to sleep with, and make sure to feed them the foods they like. But many foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are good for humans but can cause serious health problems for dogs. On the other hand, some foods that humans can eat can be used as dog food because they provide health benefits for pets such as bone, respiratory and immune

But before feeding your dog the foods you like, read and find out which foods are safe for dogs and which are not. Remember, if you give your dog too many safe foods, he will be obese. Choose a quality dog food for you!
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Bread can be used as dog food
A small amount of normal bread (without spices and raisins) is harmless to dogs but also does not bring many health benefits to them

. Bread has no nutritional value and even contains carbs and calories. Homemade bread is better than bread sold in stores, because bread in those places often contain unnecessary preservatives, but it's best to limit buying bread for dogs to avoid excess. starch, leading to obesity ..
Dogs can eat cashews. You can use cashews to make dog food, but only in small quantities. Cashews contain calcium, magnesium, antioxidants and proteins
Although these nuts are less fat than other nuts, if you feed your dog too much, they will still gain weight and suffer from other fat-related conditions

. You can use some cashew nuts as a treat for your dog, as long as they're not salted.
Dogs can eat cheese in small to moderate amounts, as long as they do not have lactose intolerance syndrome (this condition is very rare in dogs). This is a syndrome that causes dogs to eat any dairy product and have diarrhea. You can also use cheese as a reward for dogs. Many cheeses are high in fat, so choose low fat varieties like fresh cheese or mozzarella.
Cheese is the favorite food of many pets.
Coconut is often made as a dog's food. This interesting fruit contains lauric acid, which helps fight bacteria and viruses

. Coconuts can also treat bad breath and soothe the skin if the dog is suffering from skin problems such as hot spots, flea allergies and skin itching. Coconut milk and coconut oil are also safe for dogs. Just do not scratch the dog's coconut husks as they may accidentally eat the coir.
Corn - Corn
Dogs can eat corn (corn). Corn is one of the most common ingredients in most dog foods. However, corncobs can cause indigestion and can cause intestinal obstruction, so if you want to feed the corn, separate the corn kernels (or give your dog a corn-shaped toy instead).
Dogs can eat eggs. Eggs are safe for dogs as long as they are fully cooked

. Hard-boiled eggs are an excellent source of protein for dogs and can help reduce their stomach discomfort. However, if a dog eats raw egg whites, they will be deficient in biotin, so cook the eggs before giving them to the dog. See also: Should dogs be fed duck eggs?
Fish is considered one of the important dog food sources. Fish contains fat and good amino acids that help your dog promote health. Salmon and sardines are especially nutritious with dogs because salmon contains vitamins and protein, sardines have soft bones that are easy to digest, so dogs will consume more calcium. If you feed your dog other types of fish than sardines, you need to pick up small pieces of bones so they don't eat them. Do not feed raw and undercooked fish to dogs. Do not give your dog fish more than twice a week

You should cook the fish well before feeding the dog.
Ham - Ham
Dogs can eat ham but ham is not the healthiest dog food. Ham is high in sodium and fat, so feed your dog a little, not regular dog food.
Dogs can eat honey. Honey contains a multitude of vitamins such as A, B, C, D, E, K and substances like potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper and antioxidants. Feeding a small amount of honey can help them fight allergies because it contains a small amount of pollen that helps the dog's body build immunity to allergens. Honey also helps to soothe wounds and is a topical treatment when dogs are burned or have shallow wounds.
Dogs can drink milk

. Some dogs.

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