Top Serious Skin Problems In Dogs And Cats

Cats and dogs are very prone to skin-related diseases. In fact, the number of pets suffering from skin disorders and having to go to the veterinary clinic for treatment is so amazing!
The most common skin allergy is atopic dermatitis. Also included are other granulomatous diseases, skin infections caused by parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses. The skin can also become infected if it is bitten by a flea - called a flea-induced allergic dermatitis.
Skin diseases are the most common disease in dogs and cats

There are also a number of strange and unusual skin diseases (they have unspeakable names) that can cause pet problems such as pemphigus foliaceus, calcinosis cutis and dermatitis due to liver dysfunction. See also: Is dog skin control gel effective for dogs?
But one thing few owners know is that if a cat's disease becomes serious, it can be fatal for cats and dogs, especially for owners who cannot afford to pay for pet expenses.
Below we will summarize some of the serious cat skin diseases of cats and dogs
Although the frequency of pets getting these diseases is rare, you should still equip yourself with a little knowledge and skills to handle illness at home

Skin diseases associated with metabolism
Arthritis in cats
This disorder is characterized by inflamed adipose tissue and is caused by excessive consumption of unsaturated fatty acids or due to insufficient amount of vitamin E. Cats with arthritis kittens will experience pain under the skin, abdominal pain, Anorexia, depression and fever. Treat your cat's arthritis by supplementing with vitamin E, not feeding your cat fish and taking prednisolone (a corticosteroid medication). Up to 25% of cats with arthritis die or die during treatment.
Joints are one of the most inflammatory parts in cats.
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Skin diseases associated with intermediate immunity
Erythema (EM)
The disease is triggered by lymphocytes that attack keratinocytes and trigger cell death. Possible causes of this condition are infection, parvo virus, or drug side effects
To treat this type of disease, you can give your pet corticosteroids if no cause is found, stop taking the medications they are taking or take a dose of human immunoglobulin IV

. (Human immune globulin is the use of a mixture of antibodies to improve health status).
Tumor in dog skin (skin tissue)
The abnormal growth in the skin of histiocytes - a cell in the immune system that causes tumors in dog skin to grow. These tumors have a small round shape like a button, so they are called nodules. If the tumor is diagnosed as benign, the dog may be treated with corticosteroids, tetracycline and sometimes immunosuppressive therapy.
Close up of a dog getting a papilloma under the fur.
Full body tissue
This is a serious disease that Bernese mountain dogs often suffer. Systemic tissue affects the mucous membranes and various organs including the liver and lungs. Dogs suffering from this disease will require constant immunosuppressant medication

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Skin diseases related to neutrophils
Necrotizing fasciitis
This is a rapidly progressing disease caused by bacteria. Two dogs, Shar Pei and Great Dane, are at high risk of disease. Dogs with this disease will have sagging skin, inflamed skin, and they will be very painful to touch. Treatment of necrotic inflammation includes intensive treatment with antibiotics, surgery, and pain relief.
Staphylococcal shock
It is difficult to distinguish this type of disease from necrotic inflammation. Pug dogs will be at higher risk than other breeds. This disease is caused by bacteria and will progress quickly. The infected dog will become seriously ill and have leg swelling (swelling due to fluid buildup)

. Treatment of staphylococcal toxic shock with antibiotics.
Sweet's syndrome (sterile neutrophilic dermatitis)
It is a rapidly progressing disease that causes pet redness, fever, pain and watery joints.
This type of rare disease can be fatal. Symptoms include serious skin damage, fever, irritability and depression. Treatment of this disease requires high doses of corticosteroids.
Scarlet fever always makes dogs and cats uncomfortable.
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Skin diseases related to tumors
Paraneoplastic alopecia in cats
This disorder causes cats to shed their fur. The disease appears suddenly, progresses rapidly and hairs on the lower body and limb falls

. Infected kittens will brush their fur a lot and their pads will be rough, cracked and flaky. Paraneoplastic epilation is associated with pancreatic cancer and when excessive hair loss is when the cancer has spread.
Digit lung syndrome in cats (FLDS)
This is a rare syndrome that occurs when lung cancer epithelial cells damage and metastasize to the feet. The disease usually affects the lower extremities, especially the front feet and is associated with metastatic lung cancer.
Signs of lung damage in cats may be indicated by the front paws.
Superficial necrotizing dermatitis (SND)
This condition mainly affects large dogs t.

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