Treat Cat Litter And Prevention Tips

Treatment of cat tufts for many people are interested because this is a common disease in the "boss". Hair tufts are round or cylindrical patches of indigestion in the cat's stomach. The tufts of fur can clog the cat's intestines, making their health seriously affected. Therefore, it is important that you are knowledgeable about the prevention and treatment of cat litter at home.
Cause cats get chipped
Cats are clean animals, so they work hard to groom themselves or groom each other

. In fact, most of the time cats spend grooming their fur. By continually licking the fur, cats stimulate their excretory system to keep the coat shiny and waterproof. Saliva deposits of cats also work to cool the cat when the environment is high temperature

However, although grooming is a must, it has one drawback: indirectly forming dangerous tufts

. Cat tongues are made up of hundreds of keratin spines used to remove parasites and dead skin from their fur and skin. But the fur can also stick to the cat's tongue and be swallowed by the cat.
Most hairs pass through the digestive tract unstably and are excreted in the form of feces. However, a little fur will accumulate and form tufts of fur in the cat's belly.
Normally these tufts are more than 2cm long, but they can be as long as 12cm. If your cat does not vomit these tufts, he may have serious health complications such as intestinal obstruction. If your cat is allergic to common household chemicals or has a parasite infection, it's also possible to get a tuft

A tuft is a result of a cat licking and swallowing too much fur in the belly

🔔 What should a cat lose?
These cats are most susceptible to tufts
Although any cat breed is more likely to have a tuft, some breeds of cats are more susceptible to this condition than others. The first is the long-haired breed. These include Birman, Turkish Angora, Maine Coon, Cymric, Ragdoll, Persian, Himalayan, Javanese, Bali, Norwegian and Somali. The more fur a cat has, the more likely she is to get a tufts of fur.
The second is the most shedding cats. These include Chartreux, American penguin, Cymric, Ragamuffin, Siberian, Ragdoll, Nebelung and blue Russian cat. Older cats are more likely to have a tuft than kittens because they are more adept at grooming.
Prevent cat tufts
It is important to note that you cannot prevent this condition completely because grooming is a natural cat activity

. However, before treating your cat's fur ball, you can completely limit the cat's fur by applying the following methods.
Licking your cat will help remove the debris or plaque, but it can also make it worse.
Cat care properly
First, you must brush your cat regularly and properly for cats. You should groom your cat at least once a day if your cat is long and weekly if your cat is short. Grooming will not only make your pet closer to your pet, it will also help to reduce the tangle and remove dead skin that the cat may lick, thereby limiting the need to treat the cat's tufts. Brush less than 10 minutes after a meal or when your cat is relaxing. Use a metal brush to untangle the cat's fur and remove head-to-tail dirt (for short-haired cats) or to the belly (for long-haired cats). When brushing the cat's tail, divide the tail in two and divide it one by one

Then use warm water to clean the cat, being careful not to wet his eyes and ears. Dry the cat's fur and then apply the oil to the fur if desired. After you've applied the oil, you can use a wet towel to wipe the cat's fur and remove any hairs that the comb has missed. Don't forget to cut your cat's toenails because he or she can lick on those long toenails. If your cat does not like regular grooming, you may want to take her to a spa to have her professionally groomed at least every 6 months in order to treat her hair thoroughly.
Limit cats from grooming or grooming themselves
If you find that your cat is grooming too much, then limit her behavior. Take time to teach your cat other activities to make them forget about grooming. These activities may include giving your cat lots of new toys for him to play

. If the cat licks less fur, he will swallow less fur and the likelihood that they will get a tuft.
Supplement reasonable nutrition
Cats are pure carnivores. Therefore their body processes protein better than carbs. If you give your cat a lot of carbs that are ineffective in digesting his body, he may have digestive problems. In addition, getting caught in a tufts of hair could kill them. Therefore, make sure your cat's diet is high in protein and low in carbs. And remember to give your cat plenty of water. The water will aid digestion, untangle the tufts and make the hair float along the digestive tract outward

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