Types Of Parasites In Dogs: How To Prevent And Treat

The parasites in dogs such as fleas, ticks, heartworms and intestinal worms are small in size so they bring a lot of troubles for both you and your pet. Besides driving your beloved child crazy, they also harm other animals and humans around them.
Fortunately, we can still deal with parasites in dogs. Please follow the instructions and recommendations below of PetshopSaigon.vn to keep your "home" safe and happy

>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT DOGS <<< Are dogs with red rashes dangerous? How to raise dogs less fat quickly A rabies handbook for dogs to read now! Should dogs eat raw meat? Overview of the types of parasites in dogs Intestinal parasites Dogs are victims of a number of parasites in the body including nematodes, coccidiosis, giardiasis, hookworms, hair worms and they can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and anemia. Dogs often have roundworm (roundworm) parasitize almost at every stage of life. Nematodes are transmitted from mother to child, so dogs are usually born with this type of worm
Close up of how worms attack dogs and humans

In dog parasites, tapeworms can be dangerous when the incidence of flea infections is high. Adult dogs are often infected with worms when they lick contaminated grass, swallow fleas or microscopic eggs that always exist in the soil. Adult dogs are resistant to most intestinal parasites, but the roundworm (Trichuris Vulpis) can still harm dogs, leading to colitis and weight loss.
Worms and tapeworms do not need a microscope but can be seen with the naked eye. But other worms may not be that easy to see. Early diagnosis is extremely important because not all worms can be treated with the same method.
Pets often struggling in despair because of flea attack is a heartbreaking sight
Fleas are no strangers to dogs, cats and humans, and any species can be bitten

. Having been bitten by flea bites, many dogs have even more allergies.
A flea is one of the parasites that both annoys the dog and the breeder.
When a flea bites your dog, it will pump a small amount of saliva into the skin to prevent blood clotting. Some animals are bitten by fleas but they do not look like bad, but some unfortunately the dogs become sensitive to this saliva. In susceptible animals, a flea bite can cause severe itching and scratching the pet. The most common skin flea problem in dogs is a flea-allergic dermatitis.
Louse dog
Among dogs parasites, ticks are another problem. When ticks need to drink blood, they look for prey with a heat sensor

. When a warm object passes by them, the tick will attach itself to clothing or feathers or fall from the tree onto the object and stab its hideous mouths into the skin and begin to suck blood. Those mouths will stay locked until they are full. After the meal is complete, the adult female falls off her prey and seeks shelter. Then they lay their eggs and died.
Dog ticks are a high-risk parasite that spreads to humans.
Dogs are a common target of ticks. If you live in an area with lots of ticks, you should pay attention to these parasites. They can transmit serious diseases (eg, hay fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and whooping cough) to dogs and even to humans

Heartworm has the ability to cause serious illness. It only takes one bite of a mosquito carrying a heartworm larva to become infected. Over time, the larva develops into an adult worm, seeking refuge in the arteries of the lungs. If left untreated, dogs suffering from heartworm will become lethargic, lose appetite and begin to have trouble breathing even heart failure.
How to prevent parasites in dogs
Preventing intestinal parasites
Puppies are usually removed by hookworms and hookworms at the time they start vaccinating their dogs. If your dog has not been dewormed, talk to your doctor to take care of this important step. Before each puppy vaccination, a stool sample should be collected and monitored samples should be taken at an appropriate interval after the last deworming.
Removing the parasite will make the dog more comfortable

Worms can also affect adult dogs. Adult dogs should be tested for feces every year unless they are taking heartworm medications and control intestinal parasites. For dogs that are predominantly outdoors, a sample should be evaluated two or three times a year if the risk of infection is high. Or you can use heartworm protection to control intestinal parasites always. Some new heartworm vaccine combos can combat all three threats: heartworms, intestinal parasites, and fleas.
Treatment of fleas and ticks
Even small flea bites can cause serious reactions in some pets. Although the component that causes itching due to allergy flea has t.

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