What Are Some Things To Prepare For Pets?

Keeping pets at home, especially when raising two or more pets, needs special care from you. Animals may look simple, but their social system is even more complex than humans. Therefore, keeping a lot of pets in the home can be a challenge, especially if you are not ready psychologically for both sides and yourself. Whether you are preparing to have a month-old puppy or an adult cat, you should be prepared for any situation that can occur to ensure your pet has the smoothest life.
Complete the preliminary procedures
Before you go to a pet store or an animal rescue center to adopt a new pet, you need to follow certain procedures to make sure you can take care of multiple pets

. . You may have had experience with pets, but not all pets are the same, so you have to be flexible and adapt to possible situations.
If you have a paper pet, research and prepare those documents carefully

What animal you want to keep should learn about their past such as breed, history, history, etc

. You also need suitable documents whether you adopt or buy a pet to ensure the animal. Your pet is not the product of illegal transactions. After the procedure is completed, the next thing is to clean your house.
Prepare to introduce a new pet to your old pet
Most domesticated animals like dogs and cats pay special attention to their territory. This is one of the main issues you should keep in mind.
Ideally, you should build your own space when you have many pets. Before the day your new pet comes home, you can set up a fence to separate the area for a new pet or arrange a new pet's place where other animals cannot reach

Your old pet should also know that you have a new pet

. You should not hide it because it will hurt the trust of the old pet and stress the new pet.
You should not have 2 pets living together for the first time, but should create a scene about 1 week.
Do not neglect when raising many pets in the house
Because of the novelty that new pets bring, people tend to ignore old pets. If you do, the old pet will be jealous and tend to compete against the new pet and you certainly don't want this to happen at all. So try to share your love and attention when raising many pets in the house!
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Introduce new pets gradually
After a while, introduce your new pet to your old pet. If you have a puppy, just let the old dog look or sniff it. Hold the puppy tightly and keep it a little away to avoid being attacked by the old dog. This can apply to every species you raise

You can also introduce your new pet to your old pet in a more comfortable environment like in a garden or a park. Try to make your pet's greeting as natural as possible. See also: 10 ways to help new dogs get acquainted with the old dog
If you have both cats and dogs, be patient so they can get to know each other slowly!
Create an adaptive living environment with many pets in your home
Pets will easily adapt to a newer environment if they feel comfortable. So make sure everything is well prepared for the new life of your pet.
When a new pet is indoors, only allowing it to reach certain areas then expand its scope as they grow and when other pets are accustomed to their presence.
In addition to preparing everything for your pet, you also need to set a schedule for your pet.
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Prepare yourself
Keeping many pets in the house is an extremely interesting experience, but you need to be physically and mentally ready to take care of your new friend. You should also learn and research to get more knowledge about pets from the internet, from pet owners or veterinarians

Always give equal time to all "babies". Because every pet needs to be equally loved.
Pet raising should be responsible!
If you can't afford to spend time, money, and attention on your pet, it's probably better if you don't have a pet now. Do not worry! Please raise your pet when you are ready!
Take your pet home
When everything is ready, it's time to take your pet home! Take your pet home during the day because most pets are active at this time and your mood is happy.
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Assign tasks to family members
If you are with a family, assign tasks to each member. Older children can help move pets or other animals in the house, younger children arrange furniture or organize a small welcome party for them..

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