What Cat Eat Best?

What cat eat best? It sounds like an easy question to answer. No, we can confirm that raising cats is not simple. It is easy to feed the cat, but properly raised, nutritious feeding is thousands of times difficult. So how do you know what cats like to eat the most? What to feed cats to fast fat? Let PetshopSaigon.vn tell you some tips

What cat likes to eat the most?
Before answering the question "What should cats feed," let's go into a little bit of their eating habits.
Cat behavior
Cats in the wild are native to tigers and are predatory predators. They are compulsory predators
So cats eat nothing but meat mainly? They can only eat meat all day without any vegetables

. Due to their intense hunting behavior, they are particularly fond of snatching their prey with claws. Then clean that meal delicious. With this behavior, they often put on the menu some favorite foods such as mice, snakes, toads, clones and especially fish. These nutritious, nutritious animals can keep your cat energy all day long.
The best food for cats is a protein supplement like fish.
Cats especially like food with a fishy smell
Today, although domesticated cats are domesticated, domestic cats retain their long-standing eating habits. What does cats like to eat the most? Simply put, there are still two main types of food: fish and mice
They are animals that contain lots of taurine - an essential nutrient for healthy cat eyes

. Cats have long been a very strong nocturnal animal. Taurine plays a huge role in helping cats increase vision and sensitivity. Without taurine, cats will gradually become disoriented, reducing their vision. They can even lead to blindness.
Thanks to that biology, everything with a high taurine content or a fishy smell is also very attractive to our cats.
Cats like to eat more protein than all
Yes, cats are carnivores. Their main source of nutrition is meat, protein and protein. Excludes other sources of nutrition

. Therefore, please note this point in the order of priority in their meals.
Some cat owners often mix rice with other cat food and forget about "Cats don't like to eat? Can cats eat rice? Actually, apart from meat and the fishy smell, foods Other things make them very picky, too: Rice is an essential food, providing most of the energy to humans, but not for cats. They do not bring too much benefit to the growth of cats.
🔹 What cat food to eat smooth?
What should feed cats to fast fat?
Summarize a bit. What cat likes to eat the most? Meat, fish, mice. Therefore, in cat meals, you should focus on 80% of the protein, the remaining 20% can be rice or vegetables. Based on that, we will usually have 3 cat diets: cooked food, grain food and especially Pate. Below, we explain in detail the types of foods and things to keep in mind

. You can refer to and make decisions on what to feed your cat to fast fat offline.
Cooked food
Pork, beef, chicken
Meat is one of the essential nutrients for the cat's body. However, you should not feed your cat fatty meats because they are not good for the baby's digestive system. In addition, during cooking, you should not overcook the food. Because they will reduce the amount of vitamins, minerals necessary for cats, especially taurine. Taurine is a very easy to lose substance during processing. Even if you just grind, grind the meat too finely, taurine immediately dissipates immediately. You should be careful in cooking for cats

. Without taurine, cats are prone to blindness, keratitis, even heart disease. So please cook moderately, limit losing your taurine.
Meat is the favorite food of many cats.
Shrimp and fish
Shrimp and fish in general receive a lot of favor from cats. Cats like to eat more than seafood and fish. They can even eat these animals for a whole week without being bored. However, you should also take note of the preparation of these two foods. Snakehead fish, shrimp without shell

. Although cats love to eat fish, they are very gluttonous. Because of this, bone problems in cats often occur. So to limit the danger for the baby, you get fish bones to help them offline.
In addition, shrimp shells are a bad cat food. Benzoic acid in shrimp shells is very nutritious for humans but extremely toxic to cats.
Poultry eggs
Poultry eggs are also a good source of protein for cats. Egg proteins are mainly made up of beneficial amino acids like methionine and lysine that are indispensable in cats. Eggs come in many varieties, and not all are good

. So what eggs for cats to eat?
On the advice of veterinarians, chicken eggs and quail eggs are the two most nutritious eggs. They have the ability to boost the immune system.

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