What Do Bulldog Eat To Be Healthy And “6 Pack”?

What do Bulldog eat? Is Bulldog's dog food source harder to find than other dog breeds? In fact, Bulldog is considered to be a "relaxed" dog in eating, but being inactive makes it very high risk of obesity if the owner does not know how to take proper care.
What Bulldog Eat: Dog's nutritional needs
According to the research committee of the United States National Academies, a dog weighing about 23kg with an active lifestyle needs at least 1358 calories daily. However, older dogs may require less use, depending on their metabolic rate and activity level.
Bulldog needs a lot of nutrients to develop its muscular and skeletal system.
Did you know that a growing Bulldog will need to consume more calories than adult dogs? On average, a young dog weighing about 23kg will probably need at least 1451 calories per day

. If your dog is sedentary, sleeps all day and does little exercise, he may need fewer calories.
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What do Bulldog eat: Ingredients in the diet
What do Bulldog eat? What nutritional composition is reasonable? Although animals are not too picky eaters, but not all foods can be used for Bulldog dogs.
Bulldog is a lovely dog, has a toned body but is quite inactive, if feeding them too much starch is very easy to lead to obesity in dogs, besides it can reduce life expectancy in this dog

Bulldog is quite lazy, so it is easy to get overweight and obese.
Here are some of the nutritional ingredients in the food you should know to choose the right food for this breed:
Protein: With the special body structure, Bulldog dog's digestive system is very good at digesting high protein foods. Therefore, increasing the protein content in the body will help them reduce body fat, limiting the risk of obesity.
Besides, protein also helps to grow hair, nails, muscles and bones quite well, boosting the production of antibodies. Central to this breed with a weight of 0.5kg will need about 2 grams of protein for their diet.
Protein is one of the extremely important nutrients for Bulldog dogs

Carbohydrates (calories): Considered to be a fairly inactive breed, the Bulldog still needs a certain amount of calories for the dog's activities and needs

. In addition, carbohydrates often contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that bring overall benefits for Bulldog dogs.
Minerals: An indispensable ingredient in Bulldog's nutrition, helping to heal wounds, promoting bone and teeth development. The minerals that a Bulldog will need include iron, calcium, selenium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, and potassium.
The carbohydrates and micronutrients will help improve the resistance of Bull dogs.
Vitamins: Just like minerals, they are also considered to be an important ingredient in dog nutrition, helping to boost the immune system, support healing and antioxidant activities. Certain vitamins to provide your Bulldog include vitamins A, C, E, K AND Folate.
Fat: Important for healthy skin and fur, helping to give the dog energy. Although it should not be used too much, but fat is also an integral part of the Bulldog dog's meal, helps regulate body temperature, nervous system development

Not only bull dogs, but any dog breed needs to eat all the vitamins in vegetables.
Water: Also considered as one of the important nutrients of dogs, accounting for 70-80% of body weight, helping dog body parts work smoothly. Every day, in addition to adding water, you can also enhance foods and fruits that contain lots of water for dogs to tolerate more.
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What Do Bulldog Eat: A Handbook for Food Selection
What foods should feed Bulldog dogs
Meat: Considered a great source of protein that is high in Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help ensure that your dog has a healthier skin. In addition, meat is a very suitable food for the body of Bulldog, making it easy to absorb nutrients, increase resistance and healthier.
Bananas: Full of nutrients, considered a great alternative to fatty foods. High in B6, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C, it promotes bone growth and prevents digestive problems in Bulldog

Bananas are considered a "god" when they provide a great deal of nutrients for dogs, but are easy to find.
Cereals: Very rich in vitamins and minerals, they are an excellent source of fiber for Bulldog, which helps reduce the risk of kidney disease, obesity, heart and high cholesterol in Bulldog.

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