What Do Cats Do With Hair Loss?

Cat shedding is a natural process. Hair loss cats are like humans losing their hair every day. The only difference is in quantity - while you have about 100,000 hairs on your head, the average cat has 40 million hairs. Therefore, it is important to understand why cats lose their fur so that this can be solved.
Why do cats lose their fur?
The main purpose of the coat is to protect cats from the cold

. Their fur is made up of 3 distinct layers - the protective coat, the middle coat and the short undercoat. His protective layer is long and coarse while the innermost undercoat is short and soft. The middle coat is not as long as the protective coat but is longer than the innermost layer

The protective coat prevents water from getting into the fur and the innermost fur helps keep the cat warm

. This is why cat fur is much thicker in the winter than in the summer. The fur also protects cats from physical injuries such as scratches and bites from other cats.
Cat fur is the most beautiful part of the cat's body.
Feral cats change their hair twice a year - once in the spring to change winter's fur and the second in autumn to prepare for the upcoming winter.
Although cats shed more hair in the summer than in winter, the process is not affected by heat but by light. In the winter, when the day is shorter, the cats shed less hair and in the summer they shed a lot of fur due to the longer day. But if your cat is kept indoors under the light of a light, he can change his shedding habits
You may notice cats lose their hair continuously throughout the year, regardless of how the weather changes

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Why do cats shed so much fur?
Shedding is a natural process, but if you find your cat has shed too much, it's probably a problem to learn and solve. Some causes of cat shedding will have to be addressed with medical intervention. Here are three of the most common causes of excessive hair loss:
Nutrient deficiency
There are many brands of cat food to choose from, but you need to choose one that suits your cat's needs. Some things to keep in mind when choosing cat food are ingredients, brand reputation and regulatory standards of AAFCO (American Association of Food Control Officials).
If you've recently given your cat inexpensive food, you may find that he is losing more hair. This is because cat food is not of sufficient quality, which makes them deprived of nutrients and thereby depriving them of hair. Make sure your cat's diet has enough high quality protein, vitamin A and vitamin E to give the cat a healthy coat and no more hair loss. See also: Nutrition gel that supplements vitamins and nutrients for cats
Inadequate nutrition is the main reason that makes hair weak and prone to shedding

Stress is a common cause of cat hair loss. Cats are less likely to lose their hair if they are depressed. Cats are very sensitive, so even a small change in their habitat such as having a new pet, moving to a new home or even going to a health examination will stress them.
Cats are also very sensitive to sound, so even building sounds in the neighborhood can be frightening and stressful. There are many ways to relieve your cat's stress, so choose the ones that best suit your cat.
Allergy and parasites
Studies show that more than 12% of cats have atopic dermatitis or atopic dermatitis. Cats will be allergic when exposed to grass, pollen to cigarette smoke, dust mites and mold spores. If your cat has atopic dermatitis, the cat's skin will be itchy, which is why they constantly scratch and bite into the itch

. The cat's inflamed skin will flake off and cause the area to shed fur all the time, even losing its hair.
Similarly, parasites like fleas and roundworms can cause cats to itch and shed their fur on a large scale. If you find your cat is grooming more than usual or if your cat has spotted any fluffy skin, see your veterinarian to determine the cause of the problem.
Here are some ways you can limit your cat's fur loss:
Tip 7 tips to help keep your cat healthy in the house
How to treat a cat with excessive hair loss
Use flea medication once a month
Bites of fleas, ticks and lice make cats very itchy and even develop a rash. The constant scratching or biting of an itchy cat can not only shed a lot of fur, it can also damage the skin and even cause skin infections. You can give your cat a topical medication such as Ceva Cargeto once a month to prevent and kill the parasite for him to limit his hair loss. This treatment is especially effective because this drug can kill both adult parasites and their larvae. See also: Combing fleas for dogs and cats
Bathe your cat once a month (or a month and a half)
The frequency of bathing your cat will largely depend on the sesame seed


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