What Do Cats Eat To Prevent Malnutrition?

What do kittens eat to get enough nutrition for their body to grow? Have you ever wondered this? When it comes to cuteness, few animals can match kittens. If you have one or more cats, you will want to do what you can to ensure your pet develops fully into healthy cats. What kittens eat and how to feed them correctly is also an important factor in their maturation. After the first four weeks of breastfeeding, kittens will gradually switch to feeding their own food and will completely wean after about eight weeks. This article will give you the information you need when you first adopt a kitten

Nutrition needs of kittens
Kittens may double or triple in the first few weeks of life. To support such remarkable growth and regular activity, the kitten's energy needs are even three times that of an adult.
Because of this high energy demand, it is difficult for kittens to get enough calories at a meal - Dr
Jennifer Larsen, DVM - is also a nutrition consultant and assistant professor of clinical nutrition at the hospital

. veterinary medicine, University of California said. Therefore, kittens need to eat at least three to four meals a day. Kittens also love to be fed so much.
Kittens have very high nutritional needs, so you need to feed your baby often throughout the day.
Kittens need fat, some fatty acids and most vitamins similar to adult cats, Larsen said. But kittens need more protein, amino acids, minerals and some vitamins. An example of this is that 30% of the kitten's energy comes from protein, so these substances are extremely important to their bodies

Therefore, most experts will encourage owners to give their kittens a special cat food until the cat is 1 year old

. And don't forget to give your cat enough water - that's the key to helping cats of all ages healthy. After understanding the kittens' nutritional needs, let's find out what kittens eat in the sections below.
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Choose what foods to feed your kitten
Mindy Bough - CVT, senior customer service manager for the Midwest Office, ASPCA Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, emphasizes the importance of high quality food for cats as follows: "You should buy food from reputable companies recommended by veterinarians. " Research has identified these high quality foods to provide great health for kittens.
But how to know for sure if cat food is of good quality? You can check it through the product label. The product label must contain at least some of the following information: "meet certified kittens nutritional requirements" or "adequate and balanced cat food for kittens based on experiments for eat of famous brands ". A well balanced cat food for cats will not need extra vitamins and minerals. In fact, you should not give your cat too many supplements because this can cause health problems for his body

. You should only use supplements recommended by your veterinarian.
In Vietnam, one of the most famous and popular cat food brands that you cannot ignore is Royal Canin. Produced and imported from France, Royal Canin is widely known as a cat food company specializing in many stages, breeds and pathologies. Royal Canin seeds also help cats to eat healthier, silky fur and defecate on time. This is why, if you are a kitten, and want to train your baby to eat nuts, Royal Canin is one of the most suitable choices.
You should choose foods for kittens with high quality to soften skin.
You should also be cautious about making your own cat food. For example, a diet full of meat can cause the cat's body to be deficient in calcium, leading to a mineral imbalance that causes hyperparathyroidism - a common disease that kittens develop too quickly

. You should prepare food according to the formula of reputable experts.
After feeding the cat for a certain amount of time, evaluate your cat's growth. With proper nutrition, kittens will be healthy and alert, steadily gaining weight and shiny coat. Also, talk to your veterinarian regularly about changes in your cat's diet and any health problems.
What does a kitten eat - dry food or wet pate?
It is important that kittens also eat a certain amount of canned food in their diet. The kittens have too small teeth to chew dry food thoroughly. So if not eaten canned, they may not have enough nutrition to grow. If you are feeding your cat both dry food and fresh cat food, you can only give the cat canned food 2 times a day

. If.

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