What Do Dogs Eat: Nutrition Knowledge For New Owners

"What does a Chinese sausage eat?" is a question that many new breeders are interested in because this is a fairly special breed with short legs and a large body that will have different nutritional needs than other breeds.
If you do not pay attention to the food of sausages, they are very susceptible to weight-related diseases. The following article will summarize the necessary information in the diet of the dog sausage that the owner should know. Instructions on how to raise dogs leisurely dog.
What does dog sausage eat: The necessary daily diet
Chinese sausage dogs are relatively easy to breed, so in recent years they have been very popular in our country

. Chinese sausages are not picky eaters, however, they should not be freely fed and eaten according to their preferences. Need to have a reasonable diet for puppies to grow healthy, avoid obesity. In particular, you need to pay attention to a number of the following important nutritional ingredients:
Starch is an indispensable ingredient in every daily meal
In addition to providing energy for the body to function, starch also helps better digestion while stimulating brain development

. However, it should not be so that starch abuse.
Starch is an extremely important, indispensable nutritional group of puppies.
Starch should account for 10% of the total food per meal. Every day, you can feed the dog or porridge. Sometimes replacing rice with potatoes or sweet potatoes is also a good source of starch.
Vegetables provide the amount of fiber, vitamins needed for digestion and important nutrients that nourish the body. Moreover, just like humans, pets eat a lot of vegetables and fruits to keep their skin and dog's coat shiny
The amount of vegetables and fruits you feed your dog daily should make up 30% of the total food

. Mix vegetables in your daily meals to make them easier to swallow. Otherwise you can combine porridge to feed them.
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Protein and fat
Protein and fat if not added properly will make your pet quickly become obese in dogs. Protein is found in many types of red meat, poultry, sea fish. Daily protein intake accounted for
30% of the total food. Fat is 15%. However, you should limit your dog to eat a lot of fatty meat to avoid overweight puppies.
Protein is found in meat, fish, eggs and milk

Calcium is an indispensable nutrient for Boss comprehensive development. If you do not want your pet to gnaw on the calcium source, feed your bones, fish, and shrimp daily. In addition, one week you can feed your pet 2 duck eggs with both high protein and provide calcium for dogs. And remember to crush the eggshell and mix it with rice for the Boss to eat.
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What does dog sausage eat: foods to avoid
You should not feed canned dogs or dogs to humans or carbonated drinks because they contain lots of preservatives, which are bad for your dog's body in the long run. Moreover, in many cases, puppies will be addicted if you feed them regularly.
You should not feed your dog human food because there are many foods your baby can't absorb.
In addition, you should also note that sugary foods can easily cause obesity and diabetes should be limited to pet's diet

. Stale food, leftovers are also things to avoid if you want your pet to have a healthy digestive system.
What does dog sausage eat: Nutrition for each age group
Chinese sausage dogs 1-2 months old
Puppies get used to foods by a few weeks of age. When more than 1 month old is the period of weaning. At this time, do not let them eat many strange foods at the same time. But let the dog gradually get used to the weak digestive system. The main food is still porridge. One day, you can divide into 4-5 meals for puppies.
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You should train your dog to eat rice with fish

. Note that the food should be small and soft so the pet can digest better. The dog should be fed 4 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner. Depending on the condition, the amount of food is suitable for dogs.
At this stage, you can also feed your dog pates because they are soft and easily digested.
During this period, you can add dry food or nuts to your baby to eat alternatively to help the sausage dog has enough nutrition to grow. With nuts, soak in soft water and mix with other foods. You should choose non-flavored seeds to avoid synthetic odorants, affecting the health of dogs.
If possible, you can give your puppy Royal Canin seeds, which have a natural smell, without affecting the baby's digestive system when eaten for a long time

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Adult Chinese sausage dog
With an adult dog, follow the diet above. Every day, feed the dog 3 meals. You can also store a dry amount of food in your room in busy times or when your dog is bored to change the taste.
Other notes when dog sausage
Chinese sausages are derived from breeds for hunting, n.

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