What Do I Do If My Dog Has Leg Pain In Walking?

Dogs with walking paws are very common in hyperactive or old dogs. In particular, the main cause is related to joint diseases. However, it is not just older animals that suffer from arthritis. Therefore, it is essential to spot the problem in a timely manner, take the pet to a vet and follow the diet outlined by the doctor. In this article, PetshopSaigon

.vn will show you the steps you need to take when a dog has leg pain and cannot walk.
Cause dogs with leg pain can not walk
Dogs with walking paws have many causes such as trauma, side effects of medications, lack of calcium or weakened hind legs. However, joint disease is the most common
Dogs, cats, and other animals can all suffer from joint diseases, especially osteoarthritis

. And it is essential that you discover the disease promptly to treat your pet's disease as soon as possible. Some obvious signs that your dog is suffering from a joint disease are that his dog does not have leg pain, is tired when walking and does not want to climb stairs. On the other hand, if you find that your dog is suddenly lazy and does not want to walk, has trouble moving, arthritis in dogs is also a cause. So what to do when you find out your dog has these symptoms?
Take the dog to see veterinary
Unless you are an expert, when you suspect that your pet has arthritis, you should regularly visit your veterinarian. First of all, it is the only way to accurately diagnose the condition your pet is having. Your doctor's tests will give you accurate results and then you will know what kind of joint disease your pet has and what parts of its body are affected. Lastly, listen to the veterinarian's advice about the use of medications, supplements or essential foods, etc
You can also discuss with your doctor what you have questions

If your dog has severe leg pain, you should take him to the vet for a general checkup.
Maintain a pet's weight
Overweight animals have many of the same problems, and being too heavy will put a lot of pressure on the legs causing the dog to suffer from sore feet. Moreover, being overweight is unlikely to cause joint disease, but unfortunately being overweight is often the main cause of animals suffering from this painful condition. Therefore, you need to feed your pet the right foods and supplements, while reducing their daily calorie consumption. Do not cut back on your diet so suddenly. Make an eating plan to gradually reduce the calories your pet is feeding. Animals also have their own habits, and they will have difficulty adjusting to such sudden changes. Instead, gradually change your pet's routine

. See also: Handbook for obesity in dogs
Give your dog supplements
Adding the right ingredients to your pet's diet is essential to help them overcome joint problems. Glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and other similar ingredients are important ingredients in supplements like the Dutch Beaphar Joint gels.
Beaphar Joint offers a variety of supplements and this product is great for dogs with arthritis. Not only that, Beaphar Joint gel is liquid so easy to eat and can also be a snack for dogs. After your veterinarian determines what type of arthritis your pet is having, you can easily choose to buy Beaphar Joint nutritional gel at pet stores.
Beaphar joint tonic gels are very popular because they work well and are safe.
Supplement foods with antioxidants
Free radicals are atoms or molecules that lose an electron in the outer shell. They are the result of metabolic processes in the body or are created under the impact of toxic factors such as environmental pollution, stress, etc

. Therefore, these free radicals are very dangerous for the body. They can damage cells and cause degenerative diseases. Antioxidants are effective against free radicals and do not damage cells. That's why you should add antioxidants to your pet's diet. In addition, antioxidants can prevent cancer, heart disease and especially arthropathy. Some foods that contain high-quality antioxidants are turmeric, wild blueberries, herbs, and phytoplankton. Or you can also give your dog herbal tea, to supplement antioxidants from this wonderful herb.
In the case of feeding your dog a nut, you may want to consider feeding the dog with dry nuts of Royal Canin because most of the ingredients of these products contain antioxidants, especially the product lines

. for dogs with osteoarthritis problems, such as Royal Canin Mobility C2P +.
In addition, you can feed your dog nuts to help nourish your puppy's nutrition.
Adding fat to dogs
These modes.

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