What Do Short-haired British Cats Eat: All Sorts Of Cat Nutrition Problems

What do short-haired British cats eat to avoid obese cats is the wonder of many cat owners. British cats have a very cute body, but due to their inactivity and pampering, seniors often overweight. Refer to tips British short-haired cat care boss comprehensive development below.
What do short-haired British cats eat with home-made fresh food?
Like domestic cats, short-haired British cats are relatively easy to keep. Cats can be fed from home-made foods or dried foods

. However, there should be careful selection and proportion of ingredients in the diet to help your cat develop the healthiest.
Making food at home helps cats have a variety of meals.
Meat is an indispensable food in the pet's diet
Meat helps to convert energy to help with daily activities

. However, with a sedentary cat like the British Shorthair, you shouldn't feed them too much meat if you don't want your pet to be obese.
The best way to feed your baby beef is a good source of protein, low in fat. In addition, you can change meals by replacing beef with chicken or lean pork to help your baby eat better.
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Although cats do not usually like to eat vegetables, vegetables support digestion and beautify the skin, smoothing the fur. You should not only feed your pet to meat but daily mix vegetables with rice in the diet. If you have a lot of time, you can also prepare more types of tubers by grinding, mixing with rice or cooking porridge for babies.
Vegetables provide a lot of micronutrients for cats to get beautiful and strong fur

Pate is the favorite food of all cats

. Feed the cat pate as a reward for bosses. But in pate contains a plentiful amount of fat, you should only feed the dog additional 2 -3 days / time only.
In your cat's daily diet, carbs should account for 10-15%. In addition to rice, you can feed your cat with potatoes and sweet potatoes to provide abundant energy for running and playing.
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What does a short-haired British cat eat with dry food?
Available foods such as dry and canned foods are very convenient. They provide all the nutrients and do not need sophisticated processing as fresh food.
Moreover, with major brands such as Royal Canin also provide a full range of food for each age and cat characteristics to help you easily choose. Commercially available foods are also popular at pet stores, so it's easy to buy

Close-up of Royal Canin dry food packaging for cats.
A drawback of processed foods is that they are relatively expensive. And if you use regular food, your cat will be addicted and apathetic to other foods. So consider carefully when choosing food for pets. The best way is to feed your cat alternately fresh food and industrial goods. Just do diverse diets and sometimes also very economical, convenient.
How much food for short-haired British cats is enough?
A newborn short-haired British cat will breastfeed until 10 weeks of age and wean completely. You can offer solids at 8 weeks of age

. For the first weaning meal, you should cook the porridge water and pour it on a plate to lick. The next day will increase the number of meals during the day and cook denser porridge.
When your baby gets used to porridge, you can cook it with bone broth or minced meat to change the taste. Kittens weaned completely a day should feed your baby 4-5 meals. Divide evenly in the morning, afternoon, afternoon and evening. The amount of food is based on the condition of the cat. Do not feed your baby too hungry or too full.
Depending on the condition and health, each cat has the ability to eat more or less differently

For cats 1-3 months old: increase the amount of food and reduce the number of meals during the day. You should still maintain your baby to eat soft porridge cooked with meat + vegetables are made small.
When your baby is 4-6 months old: feed your baby 3 meals / day. At this time, the baby's body has developed stability. You can feed your baby with softly cooked foods. The amount of food also increases according to the cat's condition to maintain a stable weight and physique.
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Nutrition notes for short-haired British cats
Do not give your cat any raw foods or rancid foods that will affect the pet's digestive system.
Always provide enough water after every meal

. And a little note, please wash the dishes, drinking water of the boss after eating to keep clean.
Because of the lazy nature of the British Shorthair, the owner should not keep the baby in the house all day eating and sleeping. Let your cat be active by playing to help the body grow healthy and increase longevity, avoid obesity.
You can also get your cat moving by playing around to avoid being overweight in the cat.
Combining pet food with fresh food and processed foods will enrich the boss's meal and help you more leisurely during the care. Always keep dry food in your home when you're busy, so you don't have to worry about preparing your baby's meals.
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