What Food Is Good For Cats And Dogs’ Kidneys?

Good kidney foods are essential for adult cats and dogs. Like us humans, dogs and cats throughout their development, especially as they get older, are more susceptible to urinary disease. With the internal organ aging, the kidney function meets many obstacles leading to kidney failure, kidney stones in dogs and cats. Therefore, in order for your pet to have a healthy development, the urinary system works normally, you need to pay special attention to the diet, choose foods that are good for kidneys of cats and dogs.
Why do cats and dogs need good kidney food?
Kidney failure in cats and dogs
As cats and dogs age, they begin to face conditions of degeneration of internal organs

. The intestinal, circulatory or excretion activities including the kidneys also gradually weaken. Although this is a natural process, but when the baby's kidneys have been too weak before, the nephrons in the kidney stop working. At the same time stop the dialysis, moving toxic waste out of the body through the excretory organs
From there, will lead to the situation of kidney failure, extremely dangerous kidney stones

. Therefore, as soon as cats and dogs mature, you should care, use foods that are good for the kidneys of cats and dogs.
Kidney failure is a common disease in cats and dogs.
Signs of dogs and cats with kidney failure
Kidney disease won't show too many obvious symptoms in the early stages, until more than 75% of kidney tissue is destroyed. Therefore, you need to be sure of the signs to be able to take your baby to check in time. When cats and dogs suffer from kidney disease, there will be signs of dehydration, a listless face tired, always drinking plenty of water, constantly. They urinate less often than usual, but the amount of discharge once increases.
You will also detect cats and dogs showing signs of anorexia, diminishing appetite
But the frequency of vomiting is very high, sometimes yellow vomit can be vomited

. Enlargement of the abdomen, due to the bile discharge into the stomach, the amount of acid increases. More severe conditions may include diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, gastrointestinal bleeding. In addition, you will also detect the body, mouth, cat and dog emit an unpleasant odor due to the amount of toxic substances still remaining in the blood, not filtered by the kidneys. In the final stage, the dog may fall into a deep coma, trouble breathing.
According to statistics, 3 out of 5 cats are at high risk of kidney disease.
Kidney stones in dogs and cats
As we all know, the kidney acts as a waste filtering organ in the excretory system. Therefore, once the kidney system is damaged, stopping working will produce a lot of harmful effects. In particular, the most typical is kidney stones

. The pebbles are formed from dirt and minerals in the bladder, which gradually precipitate into a solid form like a pebble, growing over time. Kidney stone disease is also very difficult to detect, with few obvious symptoms. However, most patients will have the following signs: urinary bleeding, bloody urine, urinary retention, frequent urination, etc. Due to damage to the bladder wall, swelling and inflammation. In some cases, stones can clog the urinary tract, which is life-threatening. Kidney stone disease lasts for a long time, and if the longer the disease lasts, the more stones will be, the health of the pet will be seriously damaged.
Thận Renal failure in cats: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis
How to treat kidney disease for cats and dogs?
The kidney tissue in dogs and cats once severely damaged will be difficult to completely cure. However, we can still intervene and control the disease in many ways to help our pets improve health

. First, you need to take your baby to the vet right away to be diagnosed, tested for the disease correctly. If cats and dogs have kidney disease, they need a special care regime, especially in their daily diet to support the best course of treatment. Eating is a necessity to provide active energy throughout the day. Nutrition, the right food can also help dogs and cats eliminate some types of kidney stones.
However, the course of treatment will be prolonged with the pain, bleeding that the dog has suffered. In order for the kidneys to grow well, you need to use good food for cats and dogs' kidneys with a diet that minimizes phosphorus and salt. Supplement vitamins B, C, fatty acids, Omega 3 and especially proteins to help improve kidney condition in pets.
It is recommended that cats and dogs be checked regularly for kidney health

Thận What are the symptoms of kidney disease in cats?
Good food for the kidneys of dogs
Food good for dogs with renal insufficiency Royal Canin Renal
Royal Canin Renal is currently one of the good food lines for kidneys, has the function of treating reputable kidney disease in dogs and is highly recommended by doctors. With special integrated formula, low phosphorus ensures adequate supply of protein, mineral vitamins necessary to enhance kidney health. A special micronutrient alkalinizing assists in eliminating the acidity in the kidneys while regulating blood pH. In addition, the product is also manufactured by Royal Canin with food particles of shape, delicious taste that stimulates appetite, prevents anorexia in dogs suffering from.

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