What Is Soft Dog Food Like Dry Seed Food?

Soft dog food and dry dog food are the two most popular foods today, each with its own advantages. In the past, when dry seeds were chosen by many dog owners, when the soft seeds appeared, gradually replaced the dry seeds. So, what is the difference between soft grain and dry grain? Find the answer right away.
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Difference of soft-seeded dog food compared to dry seed
In general, dry and soft seed feeds possess their own unique advantages and market. But if you talk about the difference that soft-grained food makes, here are the 4 biggest differences
Moisture in food
Soft granulated foods are considered an improvement to overcome the disadvantages of dry and wet foods

. The biggest characteristic of soft seeds is their semi-humidity, the average humidity is not too dry, not too wet. This makes it easier for the dog to chew, especially for older dogs whose chewing activity is poorly swallowed, soft food will be suitable.
Soft seeds have a higher moisture content than other dry nuts

Easy to digest
According to the evaluation, soft seed foods are easier to digest than dry seeds

. Because the amount of protein in soft seeds is synthesized from animals like chicken, lamb, plus minerals to support digestion, the process of digesting and absorbing nutrients will be easier. Meanwhile, most dry-food products contain plant protein, making the dog full but very prone to having stomach problems; In addition, the dog's digestive system absorbs very poor plant protein. If you are in poor health, you are more likely to get diarrhea.
Nutritional ingredients
The nutritional content of soft seeds is quite diverse, containing many beneficial substances for the inside and outside of the dog. It can be said as Beta-glucan helps increase immunity, glucosamine helps synthesize calcium to develop skeletal system, salmon oil, omega 3 with fatty acids to help smooth hair, prevent itchy skin inflammation.
Degree of conformity with dog breeds
Soft seeds have a lot of different classifications, processed according to different formulas. Suitable for different types of dogs, so you can freely choose the product that is appropriate for your dog

A few things to keep in mind when choosing soft grain foods
To make sure you buy a good dog food product, make the most of its benefits

. When buying you need to note a few things
Choose a well-known and verified brand
The market for soft seed is quite diverse, with many different production brands. However, you should buy products of the famous and appreciated brand. Avoid buying from small retailers that have not gone through the evaluation process. It is best to buy genuine products from distributors to ensure the health of your dog.
Another recommended brand that you can refer to is Zenith. It is the leading soft grain food brand in Korea and has been certified as SOF food safety. Currently Zenith has been present in many countries and territories, including Vietnam, so you can absolutely buy directly at many stores.
Close up of small pockets of soft Zenith seeds, common in Vietnam

Take care of your dog's condition and age
Before giving your dog any food you should check to see if the ingredient is suitable for the dog's condition. Avoid unsuitable cases leading to diarrhea. In addition, soft nut products are also classified according to the age of the puppy, in order to provide the best nutritional formula, so when buying you should choose the right type for your puppy's age.
How to preserve soft food for dogs is best
Any soft dog food product with a specific expiry date, you should look to avoid giving your dog the expired food. For soft seeds with high humidity, storage is also more difficult, not clever will damage the food before expiry. So how to preserve it the right way? The following are things to remember when preserving soft grain foods
Firstly, do not pour food into containers or other containers, keep the food in its official packaging. Because the container is easy to make food stick together very difficult to use.
You should store food in a cool and dry place to avoid spoilage

Secondly, after each use, lock the top of the bag tightly, then place in a tightly closed box. In order not to let air in as fast food spoils.
Third, let the grain food get soft at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, altering the minerals and vitamin content in the food. Sometimes it also causes bad chemical reactions for your dog's health.
The above is information about soft grain food for dogs. Hopefully, in the article, you will know the difference between soft and dry grain foods, as well as the best way to preserve soft seed foods.
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