What Is The Most Feared Cat?

Cats are afraid of smells, do you know? Cats are very sensitive to scents around? While humans have 5 million odor receptors for nose recognition (scientifically called the olfactory receptors), cats have 45 million - 80 million olfactory receptors. Therefore, when cats smell the stimulating scent like catnip (catnip), they will feel happy and excited. On the other hand, if they smell a scent they don't like (maybe even harmful to the cat's health), cats will immediately stay away because they cannot tolerate it.
Therefore, learning to know what cats are most afraid of the smell will help you make wise choices when buying room sprays, essential oils or perfumes for home use. Please select the scent that "boss" likes to help "boss" feel more secure, more comfortable in your own home

. Understanding your worries, in this article, PetshopSaigon.vn will share to you 10 scents that cats are extremely afraid of.
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Cats are afraid of the smell of mint
When it comes to cats afraid of what smell? Surely many people will think of the smell of mint
Speaking of peppermint, we will talk about including peppermint leaves and peppermint oil

. The smell of peppermint plays a role in preventing and repelling cats. When using a peppermint spray, your cat will immediately stay away, leave the room and hide to the nearest, safest place they can find. Although cats like the catnip's scent, catnip's scent, when confronted with the peppermint scent of other plants, will immediately scare away from danger.
Therefore, you need to limit the use of peppermint flavor throughout the house. In addition, planting mint bushes around your house is one of the best ways to prevent your cat from straying, of course, sometimes the boss will feel quite uncomfortable because of the faint scent of Mint. A better way, you should only plant a small piece of peppermint in the garden or use mint flavor in a certain area of the house.
Cats are afraid of anything related to lavender
Lavender is one of the scents that cats are extremely afraid of
And even, in some cases, the smell of lavender is also harmful to the health of cats

. If you are a lover of the gentle scent of lavender, do not use this scent as soon as there is a "boss" around. Because lavender essential oil will become extremely toxic to the sensitivity of cats, the worst effect can lead to liver damage. The same goes for eucalyptus oils. The best way is that you should not use any essential oils when your cat is around. Lavender smells will prevent cats (because cats know the scent is harmful to them), moreover it can be dangerous to health. It is said that cats hate the smell of lavender because they are carnivores. In addition, there are some other plants that do not cause cats to hate, sometimes making them love.
Cats are afraid of smells associated with dirt
Cats are most afraid of what smell can say is the smell of garbage

. Cats are one of the cleanest animals in the world. If you have a litter tray in the house that hasn't been cleaned for a long time, it will definitely cause your cat to leave immediately. Besides, it is extremely important that you need to replace the toilet tray for the "boss" clean, because they will often use the toilet tray so need a always comfortable space. If the litter box is dirty, gives off an unpleasant odor, cats will immediately discard the litter box and "solve" their needs in another area. This will make your home more unhygienic than ever. You don't want the house to stink, do you? Clean the litter box every few days to help your cat feel more comfortable and more comfortable. In addition, the litter box is an important space for cats, so they will behave strangely or play around the house if their litter box is not properly maintained.
Cats are afraid of any smell associated with spoiled fish
Cats are extremely fond of fish and a box of delicious tuna can delight them all day

. But the smell of spoiled fish makes them hate and stay away. Moreover, the smell of spoiled fish can be harmful and leave toxins in the body if your cat is accidentally eaten. Assuming your cat eats rotten fish, it is very likely that your "boss" will get very sick, showing signs of vomiting and diarrhea. If this condition persists, you need to take them to your veterinarian for testing as soon as possible because they can be seriously hydrated. Your veterinarian will give them antibiotics or let them drip in order to restore their level of dehydration. The smell of spoiled fish makes people uncomfortable, so do cats! Always check and smell the fish before feeding it to your cat. Especially when opening a canned fish, be sure to place the fish in the box.

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