What Milk For Cats? Farmers For A Long Time May Not Be Familiar With It

What milk for cats? Perhaps many long-term owners are quite confident with a long experience in raising their pets. However, some things that Petshopsaigon.vn is about to mention below will make you have to change your mind.
Why should cats drink milk?
Breast milk is the best source of nutrients for kittens at birth. However, in some cases, if the mother is sick or does not have enough milk to nourish the offspring, then a new source of nutrition to replace breast milk is essential

Milk is an extremely important source of nutrition, especially for kittens.
So what milk for cats? Can any cat drink milk? If you do not want to make unfortunate mistakes that endanger the life of a kitten, you should immediately dismiss these thoughts.
At the newborn stage, the kitten's body is quite weak, the digestive system has not been fully formed, the choice of milk should be carefully considered, because if you give the cat the quality milk can make them easy diarrhea, dehydration very quickly or more dangerous than losing their lives

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What milk for cats?
Choose milk for cats to drink health
Choosing the type of milk for kittens at the beginning of life is quite important

. At this time, the cat's digestive system is still weak, need to choose a separate milk, both to meet the cat's nutritional needs, and to be safe and not affect their health.
Human dairy products should not be given to humans because their cats' digestive systems are different from humans.
There are many owners who often use some types of milk for humans to let cats drink, this is absolutely not good for the health of kittens.
So why is the milk we drink so bad for cats? Because milk contains a large amount of lactose, cats do not have enough enzymes to break down and absorb them. If cats accidentally drink, they can cause digestive problems such as diarrhea, dehydration, and even more dangerous lives.
That's why you often see pet milk often much more expensive than human milk, because they have been through the lactose elimination stages.
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Some types of milk you should use to give kittens to drink
On the market today there are many types of milk for cats at different age stages, you absolutely can choose for yourself a product that is both affordable and good for your health

. Here are some suggestions you can refer to.
Royal Canin Babycat Milk: A type of milk which is formulated with the same nutritional formula as breast milk. With ingredients rich in protein and fat, helping kittens develop comprehensively, increasing resistance to healthier.
Babycat Milk is the milk that many cat owners in Europe choose to use
Moreover, Royal Canin Babycat Milk is chosen by many European farmers as the main milk for cats thanks to a special formula that helps the kittens can easily digest and absorb the nutrients in milk. .
In particular, Babycat Milk is one of the first milk lines with DHA to help kittens develop a stable nervous system. This promotes the cat's natural instincts as well as the ability to perceive the environment more actively.
Milk is 100% imported from France, so it has been checked for quality according to the strict European Union (EU) process, making it safe for babies

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Standard formula sheet for having a healthy baby cat while using Canin milk.
What to give your cat milk: Notes to grasp
Choose the right formula and bottle
Newborn kittens require a special nutritional formula. At this time, you need to build an appropriate menu, balancing the nutritional components such as protein, minerals, protein, fat, vitamins ...
Choose a bottle and a nipple that fits the kitten's mouth size. You can also use a pump to pump milk directly into your baby's mouth.
After the food selection process, you need to select the right bottle and pacifier immediately

. If the nipple is too small, you can cut a small hole diagonally to make it easier for the milk to flow, making sure that the hole is not too big or not too small.
To ensure proper milk production, you can check the hole by turning it over. If the milk is too slow to enlarge, the hole in the opposite direction is too large, you should replace the new nipple.
How to make milk properly
If using formula, mix it with warm water, shake until the powder is completely dissolved, avoiding lumps. In case you use existing milk, warm the bottle before giving it to your kitten by placing it in a cup of hot water for about 1 minute, then allow the milk to warm, giving it to the kitten to use.
Feed the kitten the right amount and enough meals
Pay attention to how the kittens are fed, this time they will need to be fed regularly. So you need to schedule to divide the number of cat meals accordingly.

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