What Should A Pregnant Dog Eat?

What a pregnant dog should eat is always a headache when dog owners stand before their dog's big moment. There will be a lot of bewildered anxiety, on the first day of receiving the good news that our dog is successfully conceived. Pregnant dog (pregnant dog) should eat what is good? How to take care of pregnant dog how to ensure its health? For any animal, pregnancy is also the sensitive period, the most fragile body. Therefore, how to take care of pregnant dogs is very important to the owner and noted.
What should a pregnant dog eat: The first half of the cycle
Normally, the dog's pregnancy cycle is about 9 weeks

. Therefore, in the first 4 -5 weeks, you can let your pregnant mother eat and drink as usual. However, what should a pregnant dog eat? The protein content of the diet accounts for about 29% and less than 17% of the fat. To avoid miscarriage or difficult birth in a dog, do not give your dog too much fat at this time
Because the dog's body is passive, less mobile so the body is easily obese if the nutrient content suddenly increases

. In addition, pregnant dogs should eat foods rich in calcium and phosphorus (1-1.8%) to ensure the source of milk for later lactation and help puppies develop stronger bones.
Pregnant dogs have weaker health than usual, so you should limit regular bathing for your baby.
What are the foods that contain calcium that pregnant dogs (pregnant dogs) should eat? These are eggs, milk, bones, fish, crabs and shrimp. You can prepare food in many different ways such as grinding flour, eggshell, shrimp shells, or cooking crab meat, finely ground gut, and mixing it into dog food. In addition, veterinarians recommend that pregnant women should take a nutritious supplement for puppies. In addition, you can consult your veterinarian about supplements for pregnant dogs
Contains a full range of trace elements such as zinc, magnesium, iron, B12, folic acid

... In which milk and tonic contain very high levels of nutrients and minerals, ensuring full health for both mother and baby.
After 3 weeks, the pregnant dog will temporarily lose appetite and anorexia. You should not worry about what your pregnant dog should eat because this is just a process like pregnancy in humans. The dog will immediately change back to normal eating when it has begun to become accustomed to the fetus in the abdomen. Also, if this is longer than a week, you should see a veterinarian to check pregnancy for any abnormalities.
When pregnant, the mother dog needs a lot of nutrients for the body

📍 Signs for pregnancy
What should a pregnant dog eat: The second half of the cycle
In the second half of pregnancy, the puppies have grown and the mother needs to increase the amount of food to feed the babies. So what should pregnant dogs eat? By this time, you should increase your dog's daily ration by 30-50% from the beginning. The amount of food also depends a lot on the number of dogs in your belly, you can know by ultrasound for dogs. The more puppies, the more food. Note that at this time, you should always be ready to provide clean water for the mother dog so they can always add water when needed.
Some nutritionists believe that by the end of your pregnancy, give your dog two types of EPA and DHA fatty acids. These two acids have the effect of strengthening the nervous system of the mother dog and puppies. Ensure them the most comprehensive physical development

. You can absolutely use fish oil mixed food to be able to add these two fatty acids to dogs.
Fatty acids are an extremely important nutritional group for mother dogs.
Khô Dry food for pregnant dogs, which is good?
What should a pregnant dog eat during childbirth stage?
When dogs are 12 to 24 hours before their birth, they usually won't want to eat anything. You also should not force the mother dog to eat too much because sometimes it will greatly affect the health of the dog. At this stage, you only need to make sure the amount of clean water regularly, near their spawning grounds. In order for dogs to be able to supply water promptly, tirelessly, effortlessly moving.
Food for pregnant mothers
How to take care of pregnant dog?
How to take care of a pregnant dog
In addition to caring what a pregnant dog should eat, you also need to pay attention to the following ways to care for pregnant dogs.
In order for the mother dog to have complete birth control, you should isolate her from other pets in the house

. Avoid excessive contact with other animals outside. Especially the period before 3 weeks of birth. To completely limit the virus Herpes harmful in pregnant mothers, causing uterine ulcers. Moreover, if you are too comfortable with a pregnant dog, letting her run and play around will probably cause a miscarriage. However, during this time, give your baby an exercise regime in the house, outside the yard for a walk.
At the same time, you should also consider removing the helminths for mother dogs, to ensure the safety of puppies when they have just been born. The worms will affect the gut of the pregnant dog, and will also be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy. Therefore, you should consult a veterinarian to remove helminths for mother dogs before breeding to ensure your puppy's health

Finally, you should give puppies c.

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