What Should Farmers Do When The Cat Is Anorexic?

Anorexic cats are a problem for many new and long-term adopters. Not cats can eat all kinds of human food. Therefore, many owners will only recognize what foods are toxic to cats after cats show abnormal signs.
Cats are very curious and have a keen sense of smell. That stimulates cats to jump onto cupboards, onto tables to steal food from dishes or even to trash

. There are also "excessive" cat lovers who pet cats by sharing their food with them without knowing that these foods may be toxic to cats. See also: Antifreeze poisoning in cats
Anorexic cats often make owners worried.
Below, PetshopSaigon
vn will list the toxic and safe foods for anorexic cats

. This list is useful when you want to change the food your cat eats, while keeping it safe.
Safe food for anorexic cats
>>> READ MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR TIPS <<< What to feed the cat to fluffy? 7 simple tips for raising healthy cats 8 reasons why cats don't go to the bathroom in the right place Early warning signs that cats have diabetes There are many types of human food that are safe for cats. However, cats do not need human food. What cats need is quality and appropriate food to meet their age, behavior, and metabolic or metabolic needs. See also: Safe, synthetic nutrition gel for anorexic cats Also, if you want to feed your cat human food, be sure to read the following foods carefully, which is safe for the anorexic cat. Make sure these foods are peeled and washed, for some types must be cooked or removed. Feed the cat in small pieces to avoid suffocation
You should carefully check the foods before you feed the cat

Apples - eat less and remove the seeds
Black berries
Broccoli - cooked or washed
Brussels cabbage
Carrots - cooked or washed
Celery - cooked or washed
Chicken - cooked
Eggs - cooked
Fish - Salmon (cooked)
Mung beans - cooked
Ground beef or steak - cooked
The pasta
Peanut butter
Pumpkin - cooked
Shrimp - cooked and deodorized
Turkey - cooked
Food causes poisoning for anorexic cats
Cats do not eat as many foods as dogs. What's more, foods NOT recommended for cats include:
Alcoholic beverages: Ethanol (the constituent of alcoholic beverages) can be toxic when consumed in excess. Cats are much weaker than humans and can be severely affected even if ingested in small amounts. Be careful when drinking alcohol and have cats nearby. Toxicity can cause many symptoms and even death. Symptoms include alcohol-like breath, light-headedness, behavioral changes, extreme excitement, frequent urination, slower breathing or death of the heart and death.
Apples, apricots, cherries, peaches and plums. Although cats rarely eat these fruits, consuming large amounts can be toxic because they contain cyanide compounds

. Signs of intoxication include fear, dilated pupils, shortness of breath, rapid breathing and shock.
Butter. Leaves, fruits, pods and avocado seeds are all poisonous. However, eating a small amount of butter is not toxic. The toxic ingredient in avocado is "persin" - a derivative of fatty acids. Symptoms of intoxication include shortness of breath, bloating, abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen, chest and pericardium. However, there is no exact data on the amount of butter that can be toxic to cats.
Sweet things

. Do not give your cat food that contains xylitol. Xylitol is a sweetener that replaces sugar because it is lower in calories. Xylitol is also an ingredient in many chewing gum, among diabetic products with a low glycemic index.
Eating more sweet makes cats more likely to become obese.
Baking powder and baking soda. Baking soda and baking soda are both popular spongeers in baking. Baking soda is a sodium bicarbonate compound, while baking soda is a baking soda mixed with an acid such as tartar cream, calcium acid phosphate, sodium aluminum sulfate or a mixture of those three. Ingestion of large amounts of baking powder or baking soda can cause abnormalities in electrolytes (low potassium, low calcium and / or high sodium), congestive heart failure or muscle spasms

Bone. Bones are not safe for cats because they are more susceptible to getting stuck in the mouth, splinters can cause bowel pain, constipation because of indigestion, as well as bacteria on the bones that can cause disease. Fortunately most cats are not as interested in bones as dogs.
Bread dough. A powder containing yeast that grows in a warm, damp environment like a stomach. After digestion, the powder expands in the stomach, reducing blood flow and causing toxicity.
Gum. Do not give your cat gum

Chocolate Chocolate, not only is high in fat, but also contains caffeine and theobromine. These two compounds stimulate the nervous system and can be toxic to cats if they eat a lot. The amount of caffeine and theobromine can vary depending on the type of chocolate.

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