What To Feed Your Cat To Fluffy: The Golden Lesson Of Nutrition Village

What to feed the cat to fluffy? The question is timeless and 9 out of 10 owners need to find a satisfactory answer to this problem. So why wait any longer without reading this article to better understand how to care for cats.
Is it important to feed the cat so that the coat is fluffy?
Admit it, all pets including cats or dogs can seduce you with their fur only. Not only that, besides the beauty function, the coat is also a "tool" to show the health of the pet and a "warm coat" helps maintain their body temperature is always stable again.
Long-haired cats need to be looked after because of their fur

According to scientific studies, every 1 inch of skin, cats have about 130,000 hairs. This is also the cat's "touch" organ. More specifically, the coat is also the place to produce important nutrients such as Vitamin D
So what feeding cats to have smooth coat is very important, right?
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The reason why the cat's fur is not smooth
Cats are extremely clean animals, they have a habit of licking themselves to clean and shiny for their fur

. Understanding that mentality, the owner regularly bathes and cleans his pets. However, excessive bathing, using lotions, shampoos and baths can be the main cause of hair loss, dry hair in cats.
The fur is the most attractive point for cats, so cats need to be looked after.
Living environment also greatly affects the coat. When the cat is in an unclean environment, the cat will be very easy to get dirty on her fur, which will make the coat very easy to break off, dull.
Like human hair, cat hair is directly influenced by the skin. Cat skin is very sensitive, when provided with enough nutrients, cat skin will have enough substance to nourish the coat better
In contrast, the antibiotic in cats is weak, causing skin diseases like scabies, which will cause a lot of broken fur

. So what to feed the cat to get enough nutrients determines a lot to their fur.
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What to feed your cat to fluffy: The nutritional note
Cat fur is also one of the parts of their body, so there will be nutrients that directly nourish them. If you want your cat to have beautiful, silky fur, a daily food source will be one of the prerequisites.
For smooth cat fur, you need to pay attention to the nutritional needs of the baby.
Smooth cat fur thanks to protein
As science has proved, Protein or protein is an important nutritional component that nourishes and develops muscle. Besides, Protein is the constituent of hair, nails for your pet. Therefore, protein is the first essential nutrient in the daily diet of cats.

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Zinc helps to make hair shiny
Did you know, Zinc is a very good substance for the skin

. Zinc can be a very good anti-inflammatory agent and heals skin wounds very effectively. Lack of Zinc The pet's skin will be rough, causing a direct effect on their fur.
Zinc is abundant in vegetables, especially broccoli.
Vitamin E - an indispensable micronutrient for cats
If people often take Vitamin E supplements to strengthen hair follicles, smooth skin
Vitamin E cats also have the same function and use. Vitamin E fights oxidation of hair follicles, nourishes stronger hair follicles. So, why can you skip Vitamin E?
Omega-3 helps cat hair grow stronger
Omega-3 is a healthy healthy fatty acid for cats. Not only boosting the immune system, reproductive health for cats, Omega-3 is an essential nutrient to help their fur shiny, softer, smoother. This is undoubtedly the most important suggestion for the question What to feed the cat to fluffy?
✅ What should a cat do if it loses its fur?
What to feed the cat to fluffy? The answer is here
This is the most important and most concerned part

. What should the cat eat to be fluffy now? Which food is good for the coat now. The answer is right below.
Kinds of meat
Meat is a great source of protein. Chicken, pork, beef will be a regular food, so it should be included in your daily diet for your pet cats.
Meat is an indispensable food in cats.
Salmon, tuna
Cats like fish very much, because their nature loves the smells that stimulate their sense of smell. In addition, salmon, tuna and fish oil contain a lot of omega 3 fatty acids. Part of the answer to the question What to feed your cat for fluffy hair is here

Food supplement
If the owner does not have time to prepare meals for his pet cat, then rely on the nutritional supplements. For example, you can buy fish oil from pharmacies, and direct your cat to use fish oil as a very effective source of omega-3 supplements.
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Some other notes for cat fur more smooth
In addition to the palace.

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