When Does A Dog’s Moult Start?

When does the dog's molt period take place? Perhaps nothing in this world could be more adorable than dogs. Besides glittering eyes and mischievous play, the soft coat of dogs is an indispensable part of their attraction. Shedding is an essential part of dog growth. However, this can be quite strange to some inexperienced owners. But do not worry because through this article, you will have some more useful information about the dog's moult time and the proper care

What is the difference between puppy and adult dog hair?
Puppies are born with a soft, fluffy coat that helps them regulate body temperature. This coat will then make way for the thicker, thicker mature coat.
When dogs reach adulthood, dogs with double coat will grow two layers of mature hair, in which the inner coat is usually shorter than the outer coat
Varieties with a single coat will replace their own special coat when the hair is shed - some will be short and curly, but also have some long, sleek coats

During this period, the dog will have some changes in appearance. The mating period of a dog will usually be recognizable as they may replace a different color coat from that of a puppy as a puppy - especially for spotted dogs. Dalmatians are born without spots, but as they grow, their coats appear to be of different patterns and colors. Other breeds such as the British Setter, the Bedlington, the Kerry and the Shih Tzu are one of the breeds that may change their fur as they grow.
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When does a dog's molt period begin?
Puppies change their fur when they are about 4 to 6 months old. This time period will vary depending on the breed, so there are dogs that have shed their hair since 12 months of age or until they are 1 year old to start the process. You may not realize that the minting period of your dog begins, especially if it is a short-haired dog or if it is shed too quickly
Some long-haired dog breeds may look ugly, unkempt when they are molting mature

. Other breeds like the Squirrel can take up to 2 years to completely moult.
Some people believe that long-haired dogs like Collie will shed more hair than short-haired ones such as Labrador retrievers. Although the hairs of long-haired dogs are easy to spot on the furniture because they usually have thicker coat and they will shed more. Even non-shedding dogs will shed a small amount of hair when they are puppies - however the dog's shedding period will take longer than other breeds.
Dog hair should be groomed and groomed regularly.
You may be wondering if the amount of dog hairs shed as a baby will be similar to the amount of dog hairs shed as an adult? This question will have a lot of different answers because there are puppies that almost never lose their hair but start to shed their hair as an adult. There are also dogs when they are young that will shed more hair than their adult period. As a dog breeder, you play a very important role in helping your puppy get a mature and healthy coat

Dogs need a complete and balanced diet including the right vitamins and nutrients if they want a healthy coat. Ask your veterinarian or breeder what diet is best for your pet. And always give your dog plenty of clean water because dehydration can lead to hair loss.
How to groom during the shedding period of a dog
Grooming is an indispensable activity - especially when dogs are changing adult fur. This is also an activity that can bond the bond between the owner and the pet, and also makes the dog extremely comfortable. Grooming is especially important with longhaired dogs as they need regular grooming.
You also need to properly groom your dog to ensure he has a healthy, mature coat. If you plan to take your dog to a spa for grooming, give them away as a child

. Find a reputable spa so you can be more secure when your dog is groomed.
There are different types of brushes for dogs such as soft bristles, double-sided brushes or slicker combs. It is important that you use the brush that best suits the dog's fur. You should use soft bristles when brushing your puppy. So ask your breeder, spa worker or veterinarian so they can recommend the best brushes.
If you want your dog to get used to grooming early, you should be gentle and patient. You should let the dog sniff the brush, give them a treat while brushing and a bonus when brushing the dog. In addition to brushing your teeth, you should also bathe your dog to remove dead hair

. Use a mild, non-irritating shower gel.

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