Why Are Cats Afraid Of Water?

Why are cats afraid of water? Listening to this sounds like a question that obviously we all have the answer to. Instinct. Is the truth like that? What is his cat's instinct and why does he make him so afraid of water? Find out the answer with PetshopSaigon.vn.
Find the answer: Why are cats afraid of water?
Why are cats afraid of water from a scientific point of view?
Scientists believe that cats' instinct to fear water is deeply rooted in their ancestors

. Although archaeological evidence shows that the earliest ancestors of cats date back to 9500 years in Cyprus. But studies confirm that domestic cats today are largely of African origin, especially in ancient Egypt. We all know that this area is mostly desert, hot, and the conditions of exposure to water are extremely limited

Moreover, in some prairies, water bodies always present a lot of potential dangers

. The most typical is there there are carnivores, aggressive nature like crocodiles and hippos. Therefore, their ancestors have more reason to leave the wilderness.
Although later, domestic cats underwent domestication to be able to live with humans. However, studies of the domestic cat genome suggest that they are only semi-domesticated animals. In other words, the wild genome is still genetically deeply embedded in the body of domestic cats today. The most obvious instinct is the experience of fearing water.
The original origin of the cat was from the desert, with little water

Scent glands on the skin make cats afraid of water
Cats are very territorial

. Therefore, they always have a special scent gland. It is also the main means for them to communicate with other cats. Most especially, during the mating season, the scent on cats releases more powerful than ever, to become a trait that attracts the opposite sex. This pheromone scent gland is a hormone, acting like their perfume. However, if bathing, shampoos, chlorine in domestic water will inactivate pheromones. Cats will lose their attractiveness. Therefore, they gradually become aversion to the water and the bath.
The obsession of getting hair wet
Domestic cats are semi-wild animals, so their natural predatory instincts still exist quite a lot in their genetic mechanisms

. They always keep themselves alert to the surrounding world, keeping themselves in a ready and nimble position. Maintain the best state to be able to "Run now" whenever in danger. When the cat's outer layer is soaked, their body will become heavier than it looks. Makes your cat feel unable to move as fast as usual, more slowly. The more difficult the body movements cause them to enter a state full of anxiety and insecurity. Therefore, it is possible to explain why cats are afraid of water as a way for them to protect their own safety.
Wet fur always makes cats feel uncomfortable in the body.
On the other hand, because cat fur has a waterproof layer of outer protection

. But once the coat is wet, it is very difficult to dry up again. Cat body temperature is much higher than humans. If their bodies are wet, it is easy to catch a cold. Wet body for a long time will cause many other health problems. Typically can be mentioned as a favorable condition for bacteria and mold to thrive. Damage to the skin causing infection for the baby. Why are cats afraid of water? It is the instinct of self-defense, protecting yourself from dangerous agents from the environment.
The cause is related to cat hygiene
Unlike dogs, cats are a very knowledgeable animal

. Regular cats will never bathe or the number of bath times their cats will count in their fingers.
Cats will usually clean their fur with a tongue that is just prickly. Wipe away any plaque, dirt and excess hair on the skin. Regular grooming will help your cat have a clean, refined, clean appearance without using water. Explain why cats who are afraid of water do not seem to need it now, because water does not really provide too many bath benefits.
Because cats can lick and clean themselves, they don't need to bathe much, which is why cats are afraid of water.
Are cats afraid of water?
To explain why cats are afraid of water, let's take a look at the closest ancestor of domestic cats today. They are native to wild cats in the European steppe and remote African pastures

. Partly dry environment will prevent them from contacting with water quite a lot.
However, not all cats in this world have a "sky-blue" relationship with water. Some wild cats in the hot, humid tropics with a hobby of hunting wild fish such as Asian cat, or tiger, leopard, lion often come to the stream to catch fish or take a dip. hot. Therefore, not all cats are afraid of water. Most cats in the wild often come into contact with water to hunt for fish. They are just a little uncomfortable if their body gets too attached.

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