Why Are So Many Cats Obese And Diabetic?

Meat is a major component in the diet of pure carnivores. They can eat other foods like fruits, cereals, ... but meat is an indispensable ingredient

. Cats are typical predators. However, cats are domesticated so they no longer have to hunt for prey. Therefore, the owner needs to feed the cat to a reasonable diet, especially high in protein and low in carbs

The problem of dry cat food
Cats are accustomed to absorbing water daily from what they eat

. Dry foods have very little moisture, so they cannot provide enough water for cats. Therefore, cats who only eat dry food are susceptible to dehydration.
Dry food can also cause cat health problems such as obesity or diabetes, because it is high in fat, starch and energy. Dry foods can also cause mild digestive problems because the cat's stomach lacks the substances needed to digest and absorb starches.
Obesity is a very common disease in domestic cats
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Why is it difficult for cats to eat starch?
Cats lack enzymes needed in the salivary glands, intestinal tract and pancreas to break down and digest starch. Cats have evolved to be able to absorb very low amounts of cereals and starches, so a diet high in starches can reduce cats' health, especially that can cause obesity and diabetes.

Enzymes in cat liver use protein and fat to convert into energy, not starch

. Most of the starch in the cat's diet is eventually stored as fat. Cats can only absorb 19% less carbs in their diet. If you have more than 19% starch in your diet, your cat's pancreas will have to produce more insulin and digestive enzymes. That's why cats suffer from chronic pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and diabetes - serious illnesses.
Do a simple calculation to see how much sugar you're feeding your cat (in the form of starch). Add up the amount of protein, fat, moisture and ash (Ash is the residue of the food after burning off the organic matter. Ash actually includes only mineral salts in food. Enter the ash content as 6%) and subtract 100 from that total

. That number is the percentage of carbs (sugar) in cat food.
Many cats suffer from chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases due to their irrational diet. Cat's liver also does not produce the enzymes needed to metabolize simple sugars. Research shows that cats who are fed lots of sugar have hyperglycemia. Most cats aren't attracted to sweets (unlike dogs and humans), and instead cats like foods that taste like animals such as cow, chicken, etc.
Diabetes causes often from poor functioning of the liver.
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Is raw meat good for cats?
Cats have significant digestive systems that differ from other animals. As a purely carnivore, cats must consume the nutrients in animal meat to meet their specific nutritional needs

For protein, kittens need 1.5 times more than the offspring of other animals. Adult cats need two to three times the amount of protein that other adults need. This is because omnivores and other mammals do not use protein as a source of energy, but rather to grow and maintain the body. In contrast, protein is the cat's main source of energy.
When animals are fed a low protein diet, their bodies regulate amino acid storage to avoid protein deficiencies. But cats must continue to use protein even in the absence of protein in the diet. And that's why cats who are sick, injured, or anorexic are susceptible to protein malnutrition

. In addition to the increasing need for protein, cats need more amino acids such as taurine.
Although it is a carnivore, it has been domesticated for a long time, so when you eat meat, you should cook it thoroughly.
Cats also need a certain amount of vitamin A. This is because cats lack the intestinal enzymes needed to convert B-carotene in plants into the active form of vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for maintaining vision, growth, reproduction and health of the cat tissue and epithelium.
Vitamin D is also essential in cats' diets because cats lack the ability to synthesize vitamin D through the skin. The liver and adipose tissue of many animals are rich in vitamin D.
Cats' ancestors lived in the desert, so they still retain the characteristics of absorbing most of the water from food

. Cats are not thirsty or dehydrated as quickly as other animals. When cats are given only dry food, they cannot absorb the water they need. As a result, cats will become dehydrated, and even worse, may have lower urinary tract diseases and kidney disease.
👉 Top 4 must-have nutrition for cats!
Cats are predators, so feed them like carnivores!
The best diet for cats is a complete and balanced home-made diet.

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