Why Do Cats Suffer From Depression?

Depressed cats have many causes. Cats are sensitive animals so they are easily irritable. Just because of the extreme causes, my God, can also cause fangs to dance and claw with other animals or even humans. Causes of depression can be divided into the following 5 categories.
Taking a place makes the cat depressed
Cats do not mingle with their companions like dogs

. Cats often live in harmony with close cats, for example, having relatives with them or childhood friends.
Wild cats can easily avoid cats they don't like. But when kept indoors, cats are more difficult to avoid
So it is inevitable that cats will be stalking, chasing and whining

Depression keeps cats in a state of discomfort and disgust with everything around them.
Cats take their territorial sovereignty very seriously, so if toys, other cats or even humans break into it, it will lead to depression. The problem can be even worse when cats live in a confined space and share everything with other cats. See also: Cheap stress relief toys for cats
The sad thing is that no matter how many cats are together for a few years, including a sibling, the relationship between them is easily broken. Although cats have minor conflicts with each other from a human perspective, it is enough to make them not as close as before. For example, cats who have undergone the smell of a veterinary clinic will make other cats no longer consider it a familiar part.
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Fear also makes cats depressed
Depressed cats can be triggered by things that cause fear or discomfort such as strangers, strange animals, noises, cars, or going to the vet
Cats show their fear by having their ears close to their heads, hissing, bared their teeth, crouching down on the floor and their tails and hair all upright

The best way to avoid frightening your cat is to identify and eliminate situations that could cause this condition. For things that you cannot control, let your cat get used to his fears by getting him away from the thing that scares the cat and reward him for not being scared.
Fear causes cats to always hide from the world around them.
Caress the cat the wrong way
If your cat is naturally angry when she is petting it, it is difficult to understand. This strange behavior will be answered shortly.
Some cats have a "stroke limit", which means they can accept people to stroke them moderately. When the touch has reached its limit, your cat may show her body language to help you understand it's time to stop. Cats are more depressed when you pet them too much

. The most noticeable sign is that your cat has his ears creased, bent his tail or tried to slip out of your hand, maybe even hissing or growling.
You should not yell at cats when they are cringed for being petted too much. In general, let the cat find you. Cats like to control things in their zone of activity, prefer to interact in their own way. Therefore, teaching a cat in such a situation is not the right thing to do.
The more you let your cat choose, the more cat likes you. And when the cat bumps into your lap, the cat probably won't want to cuddle, but depending on their behavior, do the right thing.
Caring too much or too hard also makes cats feel uncomfortable

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Why does play make kittens depressed?
This is when a cat bite or scratch becomes more serious than usual and can cause injury. These behaviors are common in kittens and immature cats. If cats are raised with other cats, they will control and control these behaviors as part of their growth. But for house owners with only one cat, cats will stay at home all day long and so they will commit those bad behaviors beyond what is allowed.
One way to limit these behaviors is to spend more time with the cat. Give your cat the type of toy he likes so he will temporarily forget about scratching. Stimulating toys must keep the cat at least one arm away from you so that the cat does not scratch or bite you. Approach the cat calmly and gently

. Playing with cats is extremely challenging but no less fun. With such fastidious cats, you need to use a little trick, but playing in the usual way is not very effective. See also: Top favorite cat toys
Give your cat plenty of scratches, scratching posts, and cat trees to show her natural behavior, such as scratching, climbing, hiding, or staying high above. See also: How to choose to buy cat scratchers
Depression makes cats more difficult to get close to humans.
Cat "angry fish cutting board".
That's when cats don't get what they want. For example, on a clear day, Cat A looks out the window and suddenly she sees a Cat B encroaching on her territory. But because Cat A was locked in the house, she could not come out and give the other Cat B a lesson

. At the same time when another cat C in the house glanced around to greet, cat A immediately became angry.

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