Why Do Dog Earthworms Cause 250,000 Puppies Every Year?

Dog heartworm (CHWD) is a disease that dogs around the world are most susceptible to. The disease is caused by heartworms that live in the pulmonary arteries of dogs. Although the name is "heartworm" but actually this species of worms actually parasitize in the heart of the dog when the dog is seriously infected.
Heartworms strain the heart of dogs and cause a violent reaction of the blood vessels, thereby causing a series of serious problems for their health. Mosquitoes are vectors that transmit heartworms to dogs

. Therefore, heartworm disease has a high risk of outbreaks in the tropics - where the temperature and humidity ideal for mosquito growth.
When a mosquito infected by heartworm bites or accidentally ingests heartworm larvae, the heartworm will penetrate the skin, penetrate the dog's bloodstream and live in it. The larvae will develop in 3 to 4 months and even find their way to the heart - where they develop into adults and repeat the infection process

Mosquitoes are a major cause of heartworm in dogs

The effects of heartworm in dogs will vary depending on the duration of disease development. When first infected or only slightly infected, the dog will not show symptoms. But in some cases, cardworm can cause severe debilitation and even death. Because heartworm is so preventable, dogs will rarely be diagnosed with this disease.
Symptoms of cardworms in dogs will not be clear until the disease progresses, especially when the heart was occupied by parasites. Symptoms often arise from heart failure, so be especially careful if your dog shows the following symptoms:
Heavy breathing
Lazy exercise or weak physical activity
Symptoms of congestive heart failure (right) appear like bloating, coughing, and trouble breathing.
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Diagnosis of cardworm in dogs
Tests for diagnosing cardworm in dogs include:
Larvae concentration method: These methods aim to find vascular worm larvae that reside in blood vessels produced by adults in the pulmonary arteries, including the Harris method, the Millipore membrane method or the Knote method (take blood into test tube containing formalin and microscopy)

Serum test: This test checks the amount of protein in the blood produced by the heartworm

. Serum test is very accurate and safe.
Comprehensive physical examination: A physical examination will detect dog diseases simultaneously.
Puppies should be checked regularly to avoid the strong pinworms developing.
Special laboratory tests: Perform a complete blood count test, biochemical profile and urine test to assess the health stability of dogs for treatment.
X-ray of the chest: X-rays will help the veterinarian assess the severity of the disease and recommend treatment for dogs as well as giving warnings about the sensitivity of dogs when infected.
Evaluation of cardiac function: This specific type of test will include an echocardiogram (to find out the abnormal aneurysm of the heart or detect heartworms) and an electrocardiogram to assess ECG activity and heartbeat. Although electrocardiography is not on the list of tests used to diagnose heartworms in dogs, your doctor may recommend an electrocardiogram if your dog presents with severe symptoms.
Treatment of cardworm in dogs
Give your dog Doxycycline antibiotics

. This is a medication used to treat popcorn bacteria - an organism that distributes heart worms.
Kill adult heartworms
Give your dog the following types of injections recommended by a veterinarian:
Melarsomine (Immiticide®): This drug is injected deeply into the dog's back muscles consecutively (one shot per day, administered in two consecutive days) or every other day (after the first injection one month, the next nasal injection the second and third, the last two doses are separated by one day). Melarsomine is a safe and highly effective drug.
Sodium thiacetarsemide (Caparsolate®): This medicine is injected into a dog's vein. Dogs will be given two injections daily for two consecutive days, each 8 hours apart. However, this medicine is not available in the market and you must go to the veterinary clinic.
Heartworm is one of the most lethal diseases in dogs.
Kill heartworm larvae
Only perform this therapy on dogs that tested positive for heartworm larvae

. After all of the adult heartworms have been destroyed for dogs, use the following medications:
Milbemycin (Interceptor®): Take this medication monthly to prevent heartworm larvae.
Ivermectin (Ivomec®): It can be taken orally or subcutaneously to prevent parasites in general and heartworm larvae in particular.
>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT DOGS <<< Are dogs with rashes dangerous? How to cure dog scabies in a short time What is the most feared dog? How many teeth does the dog have? Take care of dogs with heartworm at home Limit exercise. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF TREATMENT. One month after curing the heartworm, the dog should do light exercise. Ideally l.

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