Why Do Dogs Eat Their Own Poop?

Dogs eating their own faeces is a strange phenomenon. Surely many people have ever wondered why dogs eat feces. The medical term for this strange habit is coprophagia. Coprophagia include feeding on the faeces of other species, of individuals of the same species or of oneself. Dogs are one of the faeces

. Cats can also eat but are just a few.
A team of researchers from the Center for Companion Pet Health at the University of California investigated whether it was possible to identify factors that stimulate dogs to eat faeces. They also evaluated a number of products to help prevent this condition along with some remedies for dog behavior

The researchers looked specifically at how the dog's droppings (including eating the feces of other dogs or their own)

. But this is contradictory because some dogs hate the faeces because they have been domesticated as pets.
Scientific research on dog eating feces
The first survey received 1552 responses, showing that 16% of dogs in general had a habit of eating faeces because they were caught eating faeces at least 6 times. 76% of 16% of these dogs were found eating faeces more than 10 times. The dogs surveyed varied from their weaning age, current age, or diet. The owners of these dogs say that they are easy to tame, which can lead to instinctual hatred.
Eating faeces is a fairly common behavior among dogs.
The remaining survey for owners received 1475 responses
Researchers have since calculated that 62% of dogs have a habit of eating faeces daily and 38% eating faeces weekly

. Here are some additional findings about dog eating feces:
Dogs that eat faeces are more greedy than dogs that don't eat faeces.
Fecal dogs often live in families with many dogs, so they can eat feces because they like to imitate other dogs.
Dogs over 4 years old like to eat feces make up 75%
Many dogs belong to the terrier or pack; Shetland Shepherd dogs are the most popular and the least Poodle.
85% of dogs prefer to eat fresh manure (excreted no more than two days).
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Will changing behavior of "dog eating dung" be successful?
The University of California also studies the effectiveness of 11 products that help prevent dogs from eating the following: 21st Century Deterrence®, CoproBan®, Deter®, Dis - Taste®, For - Bid®, Nasty Habit®, NaturVet Deterrent® , Potty mouth®, SEP®, Stop Stool Eat® and Stop Tablets®.
Feces are considered a "nutritious" food source for puppies.
According to the survey results, only one product is effective at 2%, three products are effective at 1% and the rest are often ineffective. Behavioral corrective measures also do not have positive results

. According to the owners, when they ordered the dog "not to eat" it was only 4% effective.
Generally, most researchers consider coprophagia to be a normal dog behavior. The best way to avoid dog eating feces is to not let them see feces. Please clean the dog's poop after they go to the toilet. When walking, you must also control the dog carefully or they will eat the feces of dogs or other animals along the way.
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Does dog eating feces come from digestive dysfunction?
Many puppies begin to eat faeces because their bodies are stimulating to correct deficiencies or imbalances during digestion. Perhaps this is because the dog's pancreas does not produce enough insulin or other enzymes, or it may be due to an imbalance in intestinal bacteria.
Dogs eat feces not because they think feces are good, but because they contain deficiencies in their body

When lacking nutrition, the dog will often eat his own stool.
Usually puppies fed grain food tend to have high feces. Grain foods are biologically unsuitable and may cause chronic digestive enzyme deficiencies in dogs. Dogs lacking this enzyme can eat the feces of other animals because it is a good source of digestive enzymes.
In fact, rabbit manure is an excellent source of nutrients. Rabbit droppings contain not only enzymes but also B vitamins so many dogs will have the opportunity to happily eat the faeces of this animal. In addition, puppies eat a lot of fresh faeces because in addition to digestive enzymes, fresh faeces can produce beneficial bacteria in their gut.
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Why do dogs eat their own poop?
Some dogs, especially those trapped in a kennel, can eat faeces because they feel nervous or stressed

. Research also shows that dogs who are punished for not using the toilet in the right place will think that defecation is bad. Therefore, in order not to get scolded, they will eat dung.
When stressed, puppies will often eat to their own poop.
Puppies can also eat faeces. Puppies are hungry, weaned too early, have to fight for food with other puppies or have been kept in a kennel for too long without being allowed to play outside, and exercise can also make eating faeces a habit. Eating faeces may also l.

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