Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws?

As with other behaviors like barking or eating dog poop, there are several health reasons for dogs to lick or bite their own paws. The main causes of this condition are trauma of the dog, skin problems, environmental allergies, parasites or food, or a dog being bored or worried.
Sometimes licking your feet is a normal behavior in their grooming process, especially when dogs have just rolled on dirty ground. But if dogs often lick their paws, they may have encountered something wrong.
If your dog keeps licking their paws all the time, especially focusing on one foot, you should check the dog's paws to see if the dog's paw is injured, has broken nails or has sharp objects like stones

. , spines, gravel between foot pads and toes.
Your dog's paws can be irritated by stepping on sharp objects such as gravel, from walking on a hot pavement, or even by an insect sting. These problems can be solved by simple and basic first aid methods
But if the dog problem is more serious, you need to see a veterinarian's intervention

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If the dog's paws and toes look normal and are not rubbed outside, the dog licks the paws because the dog has dermatitis. Dermatitis is a result of bacteria, allergies, or food sensitivities. Your dog may have allergic dermatitis with chemicals you use in the yard, deodorant products or some types of weed. Keep a bowl of water and a towel near the door to gently wipe the dog's paws as they come inside the house.
If the skin near the dog's foot becomes inflamed, babies will often lick it to feel comfortable.
If your dog is infected with a parasite such as a flea or tick, it can make the dog's feet extremely itchy. Your veterinarian may suggest ways to treat dogs with parasites to reduce itching

Food allergy
A food allergy will make itchy to the feet, and such allergies are difficult to identify

. Your veterinarian will recommend a special dog diet or eliminate some of the dog's food ingredients to minimize allergies.
Dogs can also lick their paws because they have joint pain or other foot problems. Even if the pain is coming from other parts of the body, dogs still try to reduce pain by licking the front paws repeatedly. If your dog has such a problem, you need to be diagnosed and treated at a veterinary clinic.
Pain also causes dogs to lick their feet more often.
Behavior issues
If you and your veterinarian have eliminated the aforementioned problems, your dog may be bored or even worried. However, this condition is difficult to diagnose. If your dog licks his feet a lot, this behavior will become a habit

. But there are some things you can do to help relieve your boredom from letting your feet lick.
To make dogs less bored, take your dog for a walk, jog or play with you or with other dogs to release the energy of the dog. You can also give your dog a play with puzzles or other safe chew toys to distract and stop biting his own paws. Having fun and being physically active not only enhances your dog's health, but also makes it happier and happier.
If you think your dog's lick is caused by anxiety, fear of noise, or fear of being left alone, you can still improve this condition to reduce your dog's anxiety. Please consult your veterinarian or an animal behaviorist.
Licking your feet often is also a dog's habit from an early age.
Secondary infection
It is important to realize that a dog's licking and biting can be a sign of a health problem and can be harmful to them

. You should work with your veterinarian to determine the cause and find a suitable solution for this condition. Do not hesitate to take the dog to the vet immediately because if the dog licks his feet repeatedly, the moisture in his paws can cause secondary infection by bacteria or yeast invasion. Then the dog's legs will be more itchy, redder and even swollen, inflamed.
Meanwhile, depending on the cause of the problem, the vet may make different treatment recommendations to minimize this behavior of the dog. The sooner you solve this problem for dogs, the healthier and happier they will be. Our pets deserve the best, so spend all your attention and care for them, you will promptly discover the potential problems that your pet is facing and solve. make timely decisions before it's too late.
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