Why Do Dogs Often Lick The Edge?

Dog licks are very common among puppies. Have you ever wondered why your dog licks his lips all the time? There are many causes of this action, including serious health signs. PetshopSaigon.vn will reveal the reason in this article immediately. Please!
Cause dogs lick their lips often
Many people think that dogs licking their lips must be either dry lips or sunburn just like humans

. This may be true but not enough. There are many other common causes of dog licks.
Compared to other animals, dogs seem to lick their lips more
So if your dog licks his lips too much, that's a concern

. Licked dogs can be a sign of health problems or a way for them to communicate. Possible causes of licked dogs include:
Licking is very common in dogs.
Normal behavior: Dogs will lick their mouths when their mouths are dry, bites are stung into the mouth or face, teeth are caught with food or grass. Another possible cause is when the dog is about to eat or knows it is about to be eaten, so it licks its mouth. It is a normal physiological reaction, also known as a conditioned reflex.
Anxiety: Dogs may lick their mouths when they are confused or a bit frustrated; for example, while being trained but the dog does not understand what to do. Behavioral researchers also claim that dogs lick their mouths because they want to be "placated" by their owners
Dogs will use their gestures to express emotions such as stress or fear, perhaps even yawning that their owners can comfort and reassure them

. In addition, dogs lick their lips when they are approached by another dog but do not want to fight. At that time, the dog will avoid eye contact and lick the edge of the eye to signal that "Welcome there - I do not want to fight."
In many situations, licking the mouth shows the dog's anxiety.
Dog licks can be caused by health problems, from mild to severe. These issues may include:
Poor appetite: Dogs lick things that are strange or not good can make them itchy mouth. Things licked or eaten by dogs may be strange foods or cleaning chemicals such as Windex®, many soaps or other detergents. Some detergents not only cause discomfort, but can also lead to skin ulcers. Poisonous toads like the sea toad or cane toad and the Sonoran desert toad can be toxic

. Symptoms of toad poisoning in dogs include drooling, lip licking and foaming of the mouth. See also: Top 15 indoor plants causing dog poisoning
Dehydration: Some dogs who are sick and do not eat or drink lose water from vomiting and diarrhea. That's why dogs lick their mouths. See also: Does your dog drink too much water?
Injuries: cuts, punctures, abrasions, or other types of injuries to the mouth area can make the dog itch and lick repeatedly. Some wounds can cause infections that cause itching, rubbing a dog or rubbing the face and edges. You may see fluid or odors from the infected wound. See also: How to provide first aid for dog bites
Bitten: Any bite on the face or around the mouth can cause the dog to lick his mouth. These bites include spider, horse fly, mosquito, and / or bee stings

. Dogs bitten by snakes around the face and mouth cause pain, swelling, oozing pus and stimulating them to lick the edge. Dogs that ingest foreign objects such as bones, ingredients, toys, sticks, and even trees, especially foxtail, make their mouths restlessly lick.
Dental disease: The signs of dental disease in dogs can be a licking of the lips. As oral disease progresses, plaque changes to tartar and bacteria can cause gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) or tooth loss. As dental disease progresses, most dog owners detect red odor and red gums in the dog's mouth. See also: 7 simple steps to effectively brush your dog's teeth
Nausea is a common cause of dogs licking their lips. Nausea dogs often suffer from hyperhydration leading to licking their lips. This usually happens just before the dog vomits

. Some dogs may also graze when they are nauseous. See also: Is it dangerous to throw anorexic?
Mouth ulcers: Mouth ulcers can be a result of dental infections, dental diseases, infections of other systems like kidneys or ingestion of caustic substances. Caustic chemicals include washing powder, dishwashing liquid or potpourri water. Their odor or texture appeals to pets but oral contact can cause serious mouth and esophageal burns.
Seizures: Seizures in dogs can cause different types of behavior. See also: Causes of epilepsy dogs
What to do if the dog keeps licking his lips continuously?
The first thing you need to do is consider licking your lips for a behavioral or health problem.
1 / The most important thing is to try to determine if a dog licks his lips is showing that he is nervous. A dog's mood when licking his lips can turn from being nervous to being aggressive

. So make sure the people around you are safe. If your dog sticks around in the corner and you think it makes them nervous.

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