Why Does A Food Allergy Make Dogs Itchy Year Round?

Dog food allergies are the cause of their itchiness. If your dog is itchy but not due to the weather, perhaps their stomach is quite sensitive. This condition is also known as food sensitivity or food intolerance. Normally, dogs itch due to environmental allergies in the spring or fall, but when they itch all year round, the cause may lie in the foods they eat daily.
Because allergy symptoms of dogs are very general, such as itching and dermatitis, it is difficult to know the cause of this condition is food or weather changes

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A food allergy causes your dog to be in an uncomfortable situation all the time.
Dogs suffering from food intolerance do not only have itchy skin but also skin and ear infections, sometimes vomiting and diarrhea. People with a food allergy usually show symptoms in the digestive tract first
But dogs with a food allergy show symptoms on their skin first

. The following signs indicate that your dog is suffering from skin problems:
Dogs have ulcers or skin lesions around the neck, especially under the collar, and the whole dog's head itches. See also: Favorite dog itching shower gel
Dogs that have been treated with steroids but not cured
Dogs younger than 6 months old, or in some cases dogs older than 6 years old are allergic
Your dog belongs to a variety of food intolerances, including Boxer, Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel, Collie, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Lhasa Apso, Miniature Schnauzer, Golden Retriever, Shar Pei, and Chinese sausage.
You should also note that dogs with sensitive stomachs may also be caused by inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or leaky gut (dysbiosis). If your dog suffers from these illnesses, he or she must be treated completely to get rid of allergy to food.
Causes of food allergies in dogs
When your dog does not tolerate food, his immune system will mistake that a certain ingredient in food is attacking the dog's body. In response to this condition, the immune system will react, sometimes excessively and cause allergies.
Some foods will cause allergy to this dog, but completely normal for other dogs

There are several components in the diet that stimulate the immune system of dogs, typically protein

Although no studies have confirmed that dogs are allergic to the essential ingredients of their pure diet, many veterinarians suspect toxic substances are the culprits. . Growth hormones, antibiotics and chemical residues may actually actually be allergens rather than proteins in foods.
If many generations of human pets were fed with clean, organic, species-specific food sources, scientists could conduct studies to see if they might be allergic to proteins in meat. is not. If not, the hypothesis that the cause of allergy is from the toxins is completely correct.
Protein is one of the allergenic nutrition groups in some dogs.
However, because 99

.9% of pet food is produced from common meats at industrial plants (mostly sclerotine heads) and mixed with glyphosate-contaminated fillers to disrupt the system. Because of the microbiological problem, food allergies are still a serious problem for sensitive pets.
As a result, the gastrointestinal tract is significantly injured by inflammation due to food intolerance. At that time, the dog began to show symptoms of digestive disorders.
Dogs are often allergic to food ingredients, typically grains and other refined starches. Many genetically engineered grains and glyphosate spray can damage the dog's intestinal barrier causing leaky gut.
If most of the food is made from cheap raw materials and is super-processed (raw foods will be processed 4 times before packaging), it is likely that meat will contain advanced glycation end products. overreact of the immune system

What to do when your dog has sensitive digestive system
You should feed your dog foods that support his dog's digestive system.
If your dog is older than 12 months, NutriScan saliva should be tested. This type of test will identify ingredients that cause a dog's food allergy and contribute to building a more effective diet to improve the condition. The NutriScan test can identify up to 50 ingredients in 24 specific foods in the following table:
Buffalo, cow Meat Chicken (fat, neck, chicken spices) Millet
Soy (isoflavones) Pork (fat) Rabbit meat
Venison Barley (rice water) Rice
Sweet potatoes (potato jam) Salmon (salmon oil) Quinoa
Chicken eggs Wheat (wheat germ powder) Potatoes
Oatmeal Mutton and goat milk Lentils (seeds, peas, string)
Corn (cornstarch, cornstarch) Turkey meat (fat, neck) Peanuts (peanut oil)
Cow milk Duck meat (fat) White fish (tuna, sardines, herring)

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