In Expensive Hong Kong, There Is Still A Very Soft Michelin Star Restaurant, I Should Definitely Try It

Referring to Michelin stars, you will immediately think of premium dishes with heavenly prices. However, at a Hong Kong restaurant, you can enjoy standard food for $ 3.
Although expensive, there is still a Michelin star restaurant with very soft prices, so definitely try it when traveling to Hong Kong
In the eyes of Hong Kong tourists, one of the most attractive attractions here is the cuisine. Talking about cuisine, Hong Kong cuisine is very famous for its famous street food, unique flavor and reasonable price. Moreover, Port Fragrant country also has many luxury Michelin-class restaurants, so it can really meet the diverse needs of visitors

With a culinary blend of Asian-European quintessence, Michelin-starred restaurants in Hong Kong are many, but of course, the price is not cheap. However, there are exceptions, which is the restaurant Tim Ho Wan. An address that many tourists visit when visiting Hong Kong

The table queue has become a specialty at Tim Ho Wan - @imangelguo
Tim Ho Wan is considered the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world.

In Expensive Hong Kong, There Is Still A Very Soft Michelin Star Restaurant, I Should Definitely Try It

Specializing in dim sum, of course coming to Tim Ho Wan, you will enjoy delicious cakes with soft prices. The restaurant's famous dish is grilled meat dumplings that cost less than 3 USD for 3 delicious cakes.
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The first Tim Ho Wan restaurant opened a decade ago in Sham Shui Po and is the brainchild of two former Four Seasons Hong Kong chefs - Mak Gui Pui and Leung Fai Keung. At first, the shop only had about 20 seats, but thanks to quality dimsum, the restaurant has become a familiar destination for the people of Port Thom. Thanks to the cheap but excellent quality food, in 2010, the restaurant received a Michelin star and entered the culinary handbook of visitors to Hong Kong and Macau.
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A meal for two in Tim Ho Wan is about 33 USD. You can try outstanding dishes such as hot and sweet grilled meat dumplings, or rich char siu dumplings
Don't miss the chance to taste radish cake and other dim sum dishes, like shrimp-filled dumplings, shrimp-pork dumplings and pai kuat ribs.

In Expensive Hong Kong, There Is Still A Very Soft Michelin Star Restaurant, I Should Definitely Try It

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In addition, Chaozhou style steamed dumplings are an interesting choice for vegetarians. In total, you have 25 dim sum dishes to choose from. Therefore, it is best not to eat anything before coming here to be able to enjoy delicious dishes with very soft prices compared to quality.
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In 2013, Tim Ho Wan started to expand and now has more than 50 restaurants around the world. As for the first version, the shop in Hong Kong is still super crowded. If you come here, you will have to wait a long time, especially when arriving at peak hours (from 12am to 2pm), but the deliciousness of the food here is enough to make up for that.
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