The Elaborate Tea Ceremony Customs Of The Japanese People ‘hair And Hair’

The drinker uses the left hand to hold the bottom of the tea cup, the right hand turns a circle, sniffs it up to the nose, then drinks slowly until it is gone.
The elaborate tea ceremony customs of the Japanese people 'hair and hair'
Referring to food and drinks in the land of the rising sun, it will be very flawed if not mentioning tea. Besides sushi, green tea becomes the soul of Japanese cuisine and is processed into many different products such as cakes, candies, ice cream, jellies, drinks ..

. All the elements revolve around the preparation and the Enjoying green tea is also enhanced, becoming the quintessence, requiring the performers to both have skills and to understand the inner meanings of this custom. Making tea and drinking tea is not only encapsulated in the culinary field but also a typical cultural value of Japan and is designated a "tea ceremony" - a noble way of drinking tea art.
Green tea began to be introduced to Japan in the 17th century by a high priest
This tea is ground into green powder, called matcha, instead of drinking green tea as usual.

The Elaborate Tea Ceremony Customs Of The Japanese People 'hair And Hair'

It was used like a remedy but was later used by the Japanese aristocracy as a high-class beverage, intended for the upper class of society.
The tea drinking rituals were also gradually perfected by the Edo period samurai circles and were originally only for men. It wasn't until the Meiji period, around the end of the 19th century, that a woman was allowed to participate in this ritual. Also from here, drinking matcha tea becomes a kind of tea ceremony that is both delicate and high through the hands of women.
The Japanese tea ceremony is a combination of enjoying tea and the spirit of Buddhist meditation. Japanese people often share about the four factors that make up the tea ceremony of their country: harmony - glass - bar - nationality. Harmony is the harmony between man and nature, respect is respect between the tea maker and the tea drinker, and tranquility is the serenity and tranquility of the drinker's mind

With the preparation process, everything is done with the most meticulousness and care.

The Elaborate Tea Ceremony Customs Of The Japanese People 'hair And Hair'

Standard tea brewing water must be 80-90 degrees Celsius, but not boiling water to make tea. Because, green tea is a powdered tea and when using boiling water will not look beautiful. Water should be kept in a metal kettle, placed on a small coal bath to keep the ideal temperature.
Tea making tools include a small seamless bamboo spoon, a tea broom made from bamboo stalks. Each thin, curved cambered bamboo fiber has the effect of dissolving tea powder in hot water. Just looking at this kit is enough to see the Japanese enthusiasm for making green tea.
First, people will use hot water to rinse the cup, then use a clean towel to gently wipe. Each time taking, the tea maker only took a small spoon just enough and then poured water.

The Elaborate Tea Ceremony Customs Of The Japanese People 'hair And Hair'

The tea maker has to know how much water to mix into the tea pot, it cannot be brewed like Chinese or Vietnamese tea leaves, but must know the capacity of the tea cup and estimate. The bartender also has enough water to have the full taste that the drinker must drink all that tea. If it is left over, it will decrease the quality of the next drink of tea because of the wrong temperature, because oxidation will lose the beautiful green color of the tea.
Then, people use a broom to stir well until there are small bubbles. Many sophisticated craftsmen will pour hot water many times back and forth until they reach the standard temperature. The tea stirring must also be gentle, evenly, to avoid the foam floating too much, affecting the taste.
When drinking matcha green tea, the Japanese often eat some pastries or jams to enhance the flavor of the tea and must eat it before drinking. People chewed the whole piece of cake and then took a sip of tea, absolutely not eating and drinking.

The Elaborate Tea Ceremony Customs Of The Japanese People 'hair And Hair'

The bitterness of green tea will be reduced and enhanced with a mild aroma.
But that's just the way to prepare and the quintessence of the tea ceremony is probably largely in the way of enjoying. After finishing, the brewer will bring the tea forward with both hands and knees in Japanese style. Both sides bowed. If 2 people enjoy tea, the younger of the two will place the tea in the middle and then bow, invite the elderly to use first, accompanied by a bow. The tea drinker will bow one more time and say, "I have received tea". Then, this person used his left hand to hold the bottom of the tea cup, used his right hand to rotate a clockwise rotation, bring up his nose to smell the scent, then drink slowly until all.
After enjoying, the tea drinker will put the tea cup on the front, bend over to check whether the tea is sticky or fall to the bottom, continue to pick up, rotate a circle to check.

The Elaborate Tea Ceremony Customs Of The Japanese People 'hair And Hair'

Finally, put the tea cup in front of you and bow and thank you.
However, this is the traditional way of drinking tea. Today, the rituals in the use of green tea have been greatly reduced to not take too much time while still ensuring the harmony and reverence of a precious traditional custom.
According to Ha Nguyen / Star

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