Tour Korea 4n4d: Seoul – Nami – Snow Flower Season Only 13,990,000 Vnd

Korea has always been a destination that has never cooled down for the "love of travel" followers. Coming to Korea on this occasion, you will find the winter here becomes splendid with the scenery filled with white snow. With only 13,990,000 VND / person, you have the opportunity to explore the Korean tour 4 days 4 nights.
4N4D Korea Tour: Seoul - Nami - snow flower season is only 13,990,000 VND
Korea is famous not only as a shopping and culinary paradise but also always captivates people by its own beauty of the four seasons of the year. But few people know that winter in Korea still has exciting and exciting outdoor sports and entertainment activities

. Winter does not seem to get cold anymore with this 4 day 4 night Korea tour, you will experience the following attractions:
Gyeongbokgung Palace
The first destination in this Korean tour is the Gyeongbokgung royal palace (also known as Canh Phuc Palace). Located in the north of Seoul, it was first built in 1935. This is the main and largest of the 5 palaces of the Joseon Dynasty

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Visitors can admire the reconstructed palaces with diverse architecture.

Tour Korea 4n4d: Seoul - Nami - Snow Flower Season Only 13,990,000 Vnd

In addition, Gyeongbokgung Palace has special nighttime tours held once a year so that visitors can experience unique Korean history and culture.
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Visiting Lotte World
Especially with this schedule, visitors will experience the wonderland of Lotte World. This is one of the most popular amusement parks in the world, bringing you very comfortable and interesting moments.
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Lotte World is open all year round, divided into two large areas, indoor and outdoor. Indoor play area is Indoor Adventur with many exciting activities and extremely attractive games that not everywhere. The centerpiece of this amusement park is the largest ice rink in Korea. In addition, there are 4 game levels with different levels of suspense

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Photo: @LotterWorld
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Not only enjoy the interesting games, you can also visit the folk museum area, which introduces the history of Korea to help you understand more about this land of kimchi.

Tour Korea 4n4d: Seoul - Nami - Snow Flower Season Only 13,990,000 Vnd

Or you can go to the hot air balloon to see the panorama of Lotte Word from above. Do not forget to save great moments with your friends.
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Blue House (Green House Presidential Palace)
The Green House is the office as well as the official residence of the Korean President located in Jongno-gu, Seoul. The reason is called the Green House because the building has a gable-shaped roof that features Korean architecture and is covered with about 150,000 Korean-style blue tiles. Here you will be able to visit and take pictures at this famous place.
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Nami Island
Nami Island is one of Korea's famous destinations, which used to be a romantic setting with the feverish movie "Winter Sonata".

Tour Korea 4n4d: Seoul - Nami - Snow Flower Season Only 13,990,000 Vnd

This place is famous for the red maple leaves that glow in the sky and the bank of golden happiness in autumn. Or is it the white Nami Island on the tree with winter snowflakes. With the beautiful natural scenery all year round, such poetic has attracted many tourists who love the beauty of this place.
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The center of the island is a green, 260,000 square meter lawn surrounded by chestnuts and birch trees. In addition, there are zoos, botanicals next to the large lake with small wooden boats, and many other entertainment areas that will give you the feeling of soothing and peaceful.
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Elysian Gangchon ski area
In this trip, it will be great if winter in cold Korea you can experience skiing activities at Elysian Gangchon. This is the best time of year to conquer the slopes in Gangchon here! Elysian Gangchon ski area is open from 9am to 4am the next morning, a destination famous for its snowy valley is one of the best options for those who are passionate about this activity.
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The Elysian ski resort takes advantage of Gangchon's snow slopes with basic instruction suitable for all levels of skiing, from beginners to advanced players.

Tour Korea 4n4d: Seoul - Nami - Snow Flower Season Only 13,990,000 Vnd

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You can rent a snowboard, snowboard or a snowmobile to see this place. Then play "flat gas" with friends in this snow-white paradise.
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N Seoul Tower
If you come to Korea but skip this N Seoul tower destination, it is a waste. N Seoul is built on top of the mountain of Namsan Mountain in the heart of the city. The attraction of this tower is the majestic and wonderful view of the city at night. Imagine standing at the top of the tower and enjoying the sparkling, magical view of the city of Seoul.
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Not only that, the tower also attracts tourists.

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