Infection With Dogs And Cats Parasite

Four signs that you have been infected by a dog or cat parasite, namely dog roundworm - cat. Toxocara canis infection usually has atypical symptoms, but if you usually eat raw vegetables, eat meat, eat raw food or have a dog or cat with some of the following signs, you are "at risk". high muscle "there!
Babies infected with pus infected with cats and dogs parasites after 1 week of treatment
Itching, hives is a manifestation of cats and dogs parasite infection
Pruritus is a common manifestation of cats and dogs parasites, making patients very uncomfortable, affecting work, sometimes itching at night, making patients unable to sleep. When itching, the patient often tends to scratch, however, the scratching itself is a stimulus to the body, causing the body to react, and cause more itching, the more scratching itch. Moreover, when scratching vigorously, it can scratch the skin, creating favorable conditions for bacteria and viruses to invade, causing skin infection

Hives are a manifestation of a dog or cat parasite infection, a reaction of the skin when exposed to allergic causes. Manifestations are areas of pink or red skin that vary in size, flat or raised on the skin, scattered or concentrated in clusters. Urticaria may be partly or completely covered and is very itchy
Urticaria may be mild and go away on its own but may last longer and requires treatment
Abdominal pain, nausea may be a manifestation of the infection of dogs and cats
This is a visceral larvae syndrome, in cats and dogs parasites infection is more common in children than adults. In fact, clinical symptoms of dog and cat parasite infections, dog-cat roundworm larvae in humans are largely caused by the migration of Toxocara larvae through blood, to tissues and organs in the body.

Infection With Dogs And Cats Parasite

. Depending on where the larvae move will cause symptoms there.
The liver is the most frequently infected organ and the enlarged liver is a common manifestation, although any organ can be affected. Symptoms of disease onset slowly. Patients may have dull or intermittent abdominal pain, feeling of the right abdomen, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting often accompanied by transient mild fever.
Dog roundworm larvae can also move to the lungs, muscle tissue or heart
Manifestations are myalgia, pseudo-dyspnea, wheezing, pneumonia, pleural effusion, more rarely, respiratory failure, sudden cardiac death
Blurred vision is a sign of infection with cats and dogs parasites
The eyes suddenly fade rapidly, often on one eye, accompanied by a feeling of itching, discomfort, redness of the eyes, watery eyes, or a stinging sensation in the eye. Before that, the patient had no eye injury or eye disease.
Causes blurred vision due to dog roundworm larvae moving into the eyes in cats and dogs parasitic infection. Larvae migrate to the eye usually occur in children aged 5 to 10 years.

Infection With Dogs And Cats Parasite

. The severity of the disease depends on where the parasite is in the eye, which can cause uveitis, retinitis, which can lead to permanent blindness.
Are headaches a manifestation of cats and dogs parasites?
It is a disease caused by larvae migrating in infections of dogs and cats to the nervous system, one of the special forms of larvae that move organs, often seen in middle-aged patients.
Headache may be the first symptom of a dog or cat parasite infection, which can be on one side or the whole of the head, as much as hammering, intermittent or dull aches all day. In addition to headache, there may be other symptoms such as nausea, sleep disturbance, confusion, limb weakness, convulsions
Nervous system damage is more rare, but can cause serious and irreversible complications, which can be fatal.
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