Toxocara Canis In Humans – 5 Habits That Make You Susceptible To Dog Roundworm

Contact with dogs is not only a contagious cause of dog roundworm disease in humans. The main cause of Toxocara canis infection in humans is caused by bad eating habits.
Erythema nodosum after 1 month of treatment in patients infected with dog roundworm disease in the blood
Eating raw vegetables that have not been washed thoroughly is susceptible to Toxocara dog roundworm disease
Dog roundworm is a species of roundworm, it is usually parasitic on dogs, whose scientific name is Toxocara canis. They often develop and reproduce by laying eggs in the dog's gut, eggs in the dog's feces outside the environment. In Vietnam, there is a habit of letting dogs go defecate indiscriminately, or by owners letting dogs defecate in gardens, roads, parks, lawns

... So dog roundworm eggs appear around the habitat of we
Especially when it rains, dog roundworm eggs will follow the water pollution of rivers, streams and ponds People use this water to water vegetables and plants.
Our daily favorite dish is raw vegetables.

Toxocara Canis In Humans - 5 Habits That Make You Susceptible To Dog Roundworm

. According to the author Tran Thi Hong surveyed over 90 samples of raw vegetables sold in supermarkets in the city. In Ho Chi Minh City, the results showed that the number of vegetables contaminated with Toxocara canis eggs accounted for 67.7%. When eating raw vegetables without washing thoroughly, you accidentally eat some amount of worm eggs, tapeworm into the body causing dog roundworm disease in humans.
Eating undercooked meat is easy to get toxocara
Reusable, raw, sashimi are popular dishes today
However, eating undercooked meat or eating animal organs poses a lot of health risks, one of which is dog roundworm infection Dog roundworm larvae create cocoons in the muscles and internal organs of animals if cooked will die and there is no risk of spreading the disease to humans. If undercooked meat is ingested, the cocoon larvae in meat are still alive and will infect humans.
Not only can dog meat be at risk of infection, but some other animals will still be at risk of dog roundworm infection, such as duck meat, rabbit meat, lamb for example.
Eating at unsanitary roadside stalls with toxocara
Imagine what will happen after a dog has just "solved": dog roundworm eggs in feces will go to the ground, contaminating the soil on the spot.

Toxocara Canis In Humans - 5 Habits That Make You Susceptible To Dog Roundworm

. But that is only part of the story. Flies, mosquitoes, insects into the excreted pile, dog roundworm eggs will stick to their legs, to their body. As a result, the eggs will have the opportunity to spread more widely, such as when flies fly into food and drinks at street vendors. The dog roundworm eggs are extremely small, the naked eye cannot see, and so we just eat carefree and roundworm dog cavalry comes into us
Do not wash your hands before eating. It can cause Toxocara
Dogs are animals that are very close to humans, so the chances of getting infected for humans are very high. People get infected by accidentally swallowing dog roundworm larvae in the environment, mainly due to the habit of not washing their hands before eating.
After swallowing eggs into the body, the worm larvae will be released, passing through the intestinal wall and along the bloodstream to the liver, lungs, central nervous system. Here, the larvae can survive in the human body for months and cause damage to the tissues. Then the human body infected dog roundworm larvae
Direct contact with dogs may be infected with Toxocara dog roundworm disease
A survey of gastrointestinal nematode infection in 177 dogs in some localities of Thanh Hoa province through surgery, showed that the rate of dogs infected with Toxocara canis accounts for 10% - 25% and through stool testing is from 22 , 8% - 40%.

Toxocara Canis In Humans - 5 Habits That Make You Susceptible To Dog Roundworm

Children are most susceptible to diseases due to play and cuddling habits. Small children often have a habit of sucking their hands, putting toys in their mouths, or picking up food without washing their hands
Above are 5 bad habits that make you susceptible to dog roundworm disease, as well as some other parasites. If you avoid these habits, you significantly reduce the risk of infecting parasites!
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