Dash Diet – Eat A Healthy Diet To Control Blood Pressure

What is the DASH diet?
DASH, which stands for Dietary Approches to Stop Hypertension, is a balanced diet that is trusted and recommended by family doctors. This diet adheres to the following principles:
Low in salt, saturated fat, cholestorol and other fats.
Many fruits, vegetables, milk and low-fat or low-fat dairy products.
The menu also includes whole grains, fish, poultry and nuts.
Limit red meat, sweets, and sugary foods.
Rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, protein and fiber.
What are the health benefits of the DASH diet?
A diet too high in sodium (salt) can result in high blood pressure (also called hypertension). Salt is usually available in natural foods, and a portion is added during cooking

By reducing the amount of salt in the diet to less than 2300 mg / day, the DASH diet helps you lower blood pressure, prevent hypertension.

Dash Diet - Eat A Healthy Diet To Control Blood Pressure

The fruits, vegetables and whole grains recommended in the DASH diet provide many other elements of a healthy diet, such as lycopene, beta-carotene and isoflavones, which help protect The body fights diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, stroke and diabetes. The risk of cardiovascular disease is also reduced due to reduced cholestorol levels.
DASH mode can help lower your blood pressure right after 2 weeks of application. However, do not stop using blood pressure medication or any other prescribed medication without first consulting your doctor.
DASH diet - preventing hypertension (Photo: Community Medicine)
What foods are in the DASH diet?
DASH is the nutritional balance for health. You do not need to buy any special medicine or food, nor do you need to follow any recipes. The amount of calories absorbed in DASH mode is 2000 calories / day from many different foods

Where is salt in my diet?
Kind of food
Salt content
¼ teaspoon salt
575 mg
½ teaspoon salt
1150 mg
1 teaspoon salt
2300 mg
1 sausage
460 mg
1 regular hambuger
600 mg
2 ounces of processed cheese
600 mg
1 tbsp of soy sauce
900 mg
1 pizza with meat and vegetables
982 mg
8 ounces of regular french fries 1192 mg
DASH menu
Whole grains (6-8 servings a day).

Dash Diet - Eat A Healthy Diet To Control Blood Pressure

Vegetables (4-5 servings a day).
Fruit (4-5 servings a day).
Low-fat or non-fat milk and milk products (2-3 servings a day).
Lean meats, poultry and fish (6 or fewer per day).
Nuts and legumes (4-5 servings per week).
Fat and oils (2-3 servings a day)
Sweets, preferably low-fat or non-fat (5 or less a week).
Sodium (no more than 2300 mg a day).
You can adapt the DASH modes to meet your needs.

Dash Diet - Eat A Healthy Diet To Control Blood Pressure

For example:
If you drink alcohol, limit yourself to 2 drinks a day or less for men and 1 drink a day or less for women.
To increase the effectiveness of lowering blood pressure, replace some of the carbohydrates in the DASH diet with low-fat and unsaturated protein.
If you need to lose weight, reduce the number of calories you eat to about 1600 per day.
Eat a diet low in salt (less than 1500 mg / day) if you are 40 or older, you are African American or if you have high blood pressure.
How can you change your eating habits?
Do not be discouraged if you find it difficult to start the DASH diet. Start slowly with small, easily achievable goals. The following suggestions will help you make healthier changes more easily:
Pay attention to your current eating habits. Make a list of things you eat in 2 or 3 days.

Dash Diet - Eat A Healthy Diet To Control Blood Pressure

Compare this list with the DASH diet mentioned above and see what points you should change on your menu.
Change step by step. For example, with your favorite foods, start choosing low-fat varieties, or increasing the amount of cereal at your meal.
Learn about the ration of each type of food. For example, a serving consists of 1 slice of bread, 8 ounces of milk, 1 cup of raw vegetables or ½ cup of cooked vegetables. You can get more information on such rations from the NHLBI website. If you don't have a measuring cup, here's the information you need: 1 serving of meat or poultry (3 ounces) the size of a deck of cards. A serving of rice (equivalent to ½ cup) or potato is about the size of a baseball, and a serving of cheese about the size of four dice is stacked.

Dash Diet - Eat A Healthy Diet To Control Blood Pressure

If eating a lot of fruits and vegetables makes you bloated or have diarrhea, increase the intake of these foods slowly. You can also consult your doctor if you want to use other medications to help relieve symptoms until your body adjusts.
Get more exercise. Physical activity helps lower your blood pressure and can help you lose more weight.
Use unsalted spices, such as spices and herbs, to add flavor to your recipes and.

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